Yomie Rice X Yogurt: Fresh, Healthy, and Nutritious Drinks That are Downright Delicious

Admit it: staying healthy during the pandemic has not been easy. Being cooped up at home has made it so easy to fall into habits of putting off exercise and lying in bed all day. For those who have been trying to find healthier alternatives to their favorite guilty pleasure treats or those who have successfully found the right balance in their lives to stay healthy; I have found the perfect drinks for you: Yomie Rice X Yogurt.

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Photo by Andre Cambal of THELEFTEYE PRODUCTIONS/ c/o FoodPanda

Just like the owners of Yomie, I fell in love with the taste of their drinks after the first try. To be honest, I really didn’t expect to. When I first saw them, they looked, well… healthy. I don’t know how else to put it. It looked healthy and due to previous experiences, I’ve learned that healthy drinks aren’t always the most delicious drinks. That isn’t the case with Yomie.

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Yomie’s drinks are delicious and it really is no wonder why they are quite famous in Sydney, where dozens of people line up just to try their drinks. The owners of Yomie brought this drink here so that fellow Filipinos can experience the deliciousness, as well. In fact, Yomie’s Rice X Yogurt is already available in various places in Southeast Asia, including Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

One of their goals is to encourage more people to drink nutritious drinks, especially now that people are stressed out from the busy lives they are living.

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Photo from Yomie

Things haven’t exactly been easy for Yomie because of the pandemic. Their first branch (located at 799 Banawe St. Quezon City) had its soft opening last March 12, 2020. However, operations stopped mere days after the opening due to the pandemic.

On April 14, 2020, the owners decided to re-open the shop due to public demand; and although sales have been depleted due to the restraints and fear of the pandemic, they believe that as long as there are people who still believe in the brand, they should continue to move forward.

They even expanded! On November 26, 2020, they opened another branch in Newport, Pasay. Despite the unstable economy, the owners of Yomie still feel optimistic about the brand and they hope to open more branches this year for better brand exposure.

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Photo from Yomie

If you are still wary about going out and are unable to visit their branches to try their drinks fret not! They have deliveries available so you can get their drinks delivered to your doorstep.

Their Banawe branch delivers through Foodpanda, Lalafood, and Grabfood; and you can place orders in advance to be picked by a courier as needed. You may reach their hotline via Viber at 09564931829.

The Newport branch, on the other hand, deliveries through Foodpanda and soon through Grabfood. You may also order directly from the shop as long as you meet their minimum order. You may reach their hotline via 09451651246.

They also offer free deliveries for their Newport branch:

Min of 2 cups (within Newport area)
Min of 6 cups (within Pasay area)
Min of 10 cups (within Makati/ BGC)
Min of 15 cups (within Taguig/ Malate/ Paranaque)
Min of 20 cups (Binondo Chinatown)

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Photo from Yomie

Since Yomie’s drinks do not have any preservatives in them, they are best consumed within an hour of production. Due to the hot weather, the ice might melt easily and affect the taste and consistency of the drinks, as well. As such, it would still be best to taste their drinks straight after ordering them from their branches. It wouldn’t be advisable to keep the drinks in the fridge more than a day, either, and you definitely shouldn’t store them in the freezer. However, I highly doubt you will have leftovers, anyway. They’re too good – tried and tested!

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Photo from Yomie

Don’t know what to order on your first visit? Here are their bestsellers to help you out:

– Yomie’s Purple Rice Yogurt: they sell almost 10,000 cups of this daily worldwide

– Mango Yogurt: you’ll get to enjoy bits of mangoes with every sip

– Straw to my berry: the perfect blend of light, creamy, and tangy yogurt, and subtle sweet strawberries

– Miss Haw Yogurt: relive the nostalgic deliciousness of our childhood favorite Haw Flakes

– Avos: a harmonious blend of buttery avocados and their handmade yogurt drinks

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Photo by Fanny Wong

When compared to other yogurt drinks in the market, Yomie is proud to attest that theirs is the most natural because their handmade yogurt made fresh in store. It is not machine made and does not have any  preservatives. “We are making a movement in making people opt for healthier drinks without compromising the taste, and at the same time, get the right nutrition that they need,” they state proudly.

All of the drinks that Yomie’s Rice X Yogurt offers incorporate fresh, healthy, and nutritious fruits and grains, proving that being healthy can be both easy and delicious. You can even modify the sugar level to suit your tastebuds best. Make Yomie a part of your lifestyle today!

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