YIKES: 130 cigarettes in a span of 40 ft was spotted in a beach in Palawan

We’ve said it a couple of times, and we’ve said it again – we have to take care of nature!

We also have responsibilities in cleaning up after our own trash especially when we’re out and about, and it doesn’t hurt to dispose at the right place.

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Maxine Villareal, who was recently at Palawan, saw this huge amount of trash “within a span of 40 feet”, and it’s sad news.

WHEN IN MANILA has reached out to Villareal for further details.

We were walking towards the hidden lagoon and since the entrance was small we all had to wait in line and take turns to get inside. While waiting, a foreigner was smoking and drinking beer. After he smoked his cigarette, he threw the cigarette butt in the ocean the other foreigner called him out and told him that he had to throw his cigarette butt in the proper place. He followed him and got it but later on we saw him secretly throwing the cigarette butt yet again, so my mom called him out and made him pick it up. Another factor I’d like to shed light on would be that there are also vendors in ‘bangka’ selling cans of beer, water and soft drinks in certain islands. This is a problem because the cans of beer, the caps and bottles might end up beneath the ocean.

The problem is, some people nowadays are irresponsible and have no concern for the long-term effects of their actions. It is common knowledge to throw your trash in the proper place; to keep the ocean clean and care for it. We must keep in mind that we are bigger than ourselves, that there is a whole world out there filled with other living beings that we have to take into account for. We don’t realize the magnitude of our actions. Yung akala mong maliit lang na ginawa mo, hindi mo alam nakakaapekto na pala ng buong mundo. (An action you feel that’s just “small” but can greatly affect the world.) We as humans have incredible minds; we are capable of doing great things, so why don’t we channel our knowledge into creating products that would be sustainable for future generations instead of products that would only benefit us temporarily?

Know that no matter how small our actions are, if we want to make a change and help maintain the beauty of God’s creation, it will matter and it will result in greater things. Let the thoughts or ideas in our mind for a better country and a better world be put into action. Everything starts with YOU.

Let’s save our seas!

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