Yeng Constantino Talks About Being a Christian and Expresses Support for the LGBT Community

Singer-songwriter Yeng Constantino uploaded on her Facebook page a video discussing Congressman Manny Pacquiao’s commentary regarding the LGBT community.

Yeng was urged to speak when a follower addressed this issue to her via Twitter.

She was asked to “follow Manny’s footsteps as a Christian and take a stand.” This comment angered her and instead of ranting on twitter, she posted a video.

On her gay brother.

She was emotional when she talked about her gay brother.

“For others, it is easy to make a comment about this issue because they don’t know. They don’t have a family member who is like that. But for people like us, it’s not that easy to comment. We know what it feels like. We know how it feels like when they are hurt. We know how it feels when they cry. We have witnessed that. Since they were younger until today. For someone to tell me to speak that way about my brother, I can’t do that.”

She called her brother and asked about what he felt about the issue. Her brother said that he was hurt. Yeng replied “Ayoko maniwala ka na ganun ang pag tingin sayo ng lipunan dahil hindi yun totoo.” (I don’t want you to believe that that is how society sees you because that is not true)

She expressed her love for her brother. She said that if her love for her brother was that much, God’s love was greater.

“God is love.” she explained.

Rough translations of Yeng’s video:

On being surrounded by the LGBT community. 

“I am so proud of the gay community. Just in ASAP, I am surrounded by them. My stylists, hair stylists and make up artists are all gay. They are so talented. I admire them very much. Why did God give them that much talent? It means that God’s love for us is equal.”

Her message to the LGBT community.

“Believe me or not, not all Christians see you that way. Mahal po namin kayo.” (We love you)

“Don’t let what other people say define you.  I believe that God believes in you, God loves you.”

“I’m sorry in behalf of those Christians who are still growing in compassion.”

Her message to Christians who are condemning the LGBT community.

“I can’t take the route of Manny Pacquiao’s statement”

“I believe that the ministry that God gave me was the ‘Ministry of Reconciliation’

“Jesus said ‘They will know that you are my disciple because of your love.’ If we don’t have love and the only thing that we do is point out the mistakes of others, how will we represent the heart of Jesus?”

She ends her video with “God bless.”

What do you think of Yeng’s statement?