Remember Dalgona? This Kultured version is made with Yakult

Perfect for a man (or woman) of culture — err, Kulture

A good number of us have spent our childhood days drinking Yakult. This popular probiotic drink comes in a characteristic small bottle, a shiny red foil cover, and yummy, sour-sweet goodness within. It was a real treat for many, especially on a hot day. That’s why we wished that they sold it in bigger sizes.

Unfortunately, Yakult is still sold in small bottles. The good news though is that it still comes in packs of 5’s, which you can easily mix with anything — fruit tea, alcoholic drinks… you name it!

And that’s just what Kulture Diversity did with its line of Yakult-based drinks.

Photo from Kulture Diversity

Photo from Kulture Diversity

Located in Quezon City, Kulture Diversity rose to fame when it rode the Dalgona wave last April. Initially, it started out with Yakult Dalgona — a drink featuring 60 to 65% Yakult, milk, cream cheese, and chewy tapioca pearls on the side. Although not the whipped coffee that we know, this brand uses the same principles of whipping a frothy, creamy drink. And this version even came in 3 flavors: plain, strawberry, and lychee.

But since its humble beginnings, Kulture Diversity has since diversified (pun intended) to create a ready-to-drink Kultured Dalgona. An enhanced version of its past drink, the Kultured Dalgona features an “improved blend and new flavors” to choose from. These include Plain Yakult Cheese, Strawberry Yakult Cheese, Lychee Yakult Cream, and its newest addition: Banana Yakult Cream, which is made with local Lakatan bananas.

Photo from Kulture Diversity

Photo from Kulture Diversity

How to Order

The prices for these 500 ml drinks vary depending on flavor. Both plain and banana variants are sold at PHP 145, while the strawberry and lychee are priced at PHP 155 each. For orders and inquiries, you can contact Kulture Diversity through Facebook or Instagram. The shop is located at E Rodriguez, corner D Tuazon, Quezon City in the Don Manuel area, should you want to pick up your orders yourself.

Just take note that they will be prioritizing order forms that were sent first, so better be quick! Payment can be settled through bank transfer, GCash, or PayMaya, while delivery can be arranged with your choice of third-party courier.

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