WOW!: Mineski has an awesome Gaming Mansion!

In order to enhance their team’s skills and talent in eSports gaming, Mineski – Philippine’s pro gaming organization — opened the country’s first-ever gaming mansion!

Mineski 1

The new gaming mansion will serve as a “bootcamp” that will house Mineski’s teams from Dota 2, League of Legends (LoL) and CS:GO. Here, they can get together and train or discuss strategies for their respective games.

According to reports, the mansion is provided with some of the best hardware and a solid internet connection.

Here’s some pictures from Mineski’s website:

mineski 2

 The Replay Room

mineski 3

The Clashroom

Mineski 4

And of Course, the Refuel Room!

Mineski 5

What do you think of Mineski’s Gaming mansion?


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