Woman Gets Banned on Instagram After Posting Toy Story 4 on IG Story

Disney-Pixar’s new offering Toy Story 4 has been out for quite a while now and has captured audiences young and old all over the world. Malaysian Yying Blings is one such person, who has a decent amount of followers on Instagram.

She would have flown under the radar if the story she posted was about her daily commute or what her food was. But when she posted a few seconds from Toy Story 4 on her Instagram stories, it caught the attention of people she probably didn’t think would even know she existed—Disney.

Yying received a notice from Instagram that her account had been temporarily banned for three days.

She posted about it on her Facebook account and included screenshots of the email she received from the social media site.

yying blings toy story 4

Here’s a translation of her post from Mothership.sg:

“My Instagram account got blocked by Instagram. Would like to take this opportunity here to warn fellow friends to not follow what I did, excitedly (if get siao means go crazy or getting excited) filming Insta-stories while watching the movie at the cinema.

If not, you’ll be blocked. I’m pretty stunned because I only filmed several seconds worth of the Toy Story movie, but I got an email in the morning saying that I infringed Disney’s copyright. I want to hit my head on the wall…”

According to her interview with FeedMe Malaysia, Yying was both “upset and afraid” because of the experience. After going into the #ToyStory4 hashtag on Instagram, it was revealed that other Instagram users didn’t get the same notice that she did and that their posts were still up. “I hope my experience can let more people know that it is wrong to post cinema footage on InstaStory,” she told FeedMe Malaysia.

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