Witty Responses to Alodia Gosiengfiao’s “Ako Nga Pala ‘Yung Sinayang Mo” Post

Alodia Gosiengfiao’s photo by Jr Francisco where she wrote, “Hi. Ako nga pala ‘yung sinayang mo. :)” have trended all over social media. The viral post has also garnered responses from netizens, fellow creators, and even her ex-boyfriend Wil Dasovich. Here are some of the wittiest!

Alodia’s sister Ashley Gosiengfiao first commented on the original post saying, “tag ko na ba?” Although, many netizens have already tagged Dasovich in the comments.

The YouTuber made a subtle response the next day wearing nothing but an apron holding newly cooked rice and said, “Hi. Ako nga pala ‘yung sinaing mo.”

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Ashley also commented on the post saying, “Tag ko na ‘yung kusinero!”

Kuya Kim Atienza made a segue in the comments by doing what he does best, sharing related trivia. The host wrote, “#dapatalammo na ang Alodia ay mula sa Latin word na Allodium na ang ibig sabihin ay precious property or precious land? Ang Wil naman ay hango sa old English word na Willan na ang ibig sabihin ay “to desire strongly” Back to you guys! 🙂

The day after that, Oliver Austria joined the conversation by posting a photo of him holding his design of the ex-couple’s dream home. The Pinoy architect/vlogger captioned the post, “Hi, Ako nga pala sinayang niyo. :)” referring to their previous collaboration.

You may watch the digital tour of Wilodia’s dream house here and their reaction video here.

Ashley once again commented saying, “Tag…ina sayang nga.” with a crying face emoji. She then posted a compilation of her responses and wrote, “Tag…a comment lang po.”

Bogart the Explorer jumped in on the #SayangSerye with a collage of his photos with the pair. In the caption, he wrote a witty translation of the exchange.

Alodia: Hi. I am the one you wasted.
Wil: Hi. I am the rice you cooked.
Bogart: Hi. I’m the one, by the way, you translated.
In Tagalog… Hi. Ako nga pala yung sinalin mo. ?


Ninong Ry is also one of the creators who collaborated with Dasovich and posted his own entry relating to their video together. He wrote, “Hi. Ako nga pala ‘yung sinigang mo.”

To which Wil responded, “Ayan may ulam na…maasim asim!”

Meanwhile, Alodia has also been sharing memes on her page regarding the topic.

One of them is from Shmek’m who recreated Wil’s photo adding a blue wig captioning it with ” Hi, ako nga pala yung SinAIYAN mo!”

Alodia said, “it’s over 9000!!!”

Another is from a fan page called Alodia Memes.  The meme goes, “sana sinaing ka na lang, para kapag nakalimutan kita sunog ka!”

The cosplayer reacted with three see-no-evil-monkey emojis and then wrote a disclaimer, “I don’t own this page or make the memes here ? Witty admin tho!”

She also posted a screenshot of one of the comments with her photo eating Samyang noodles captioned, “Hi, ako nga pala ‘yung Sinamyang mo.”

Gosiengfiao says it made her hungry.

How about you, what’s the funniest response you saw online? Share them with us in the comments!

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