Wings on Wheels: Enjoy Wings and Dips At Home For Less Than P160!

Words by Christiana Catu
Photos by Michelle Neri

Ever had those sudden cravings at inconvenient times? It’s a Friday night and you’re staying in. It was a long week at work. All you want to do is lie down and catch up on your favorite series with an ice cold bottle of beer or two. And you know what goes well with beer? Hot and spicy wings! But, wait–where to get wings at 9 PM? Half the stores are closed by now. Unless you live nearby a restaurant that has them, commuting for wings isn’t always an efficient decision because you’ve got the horrendous traffic to consider, long queues, transportation costs, and lack of affordable options.

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Just your luck! Wings on Wheels has got your back if all you wanna do is lie back and relax. And with 8 flavors to choose from!

So, whether you’re craving for the salty, sour, and buttery flavor of Classic Buffalo with just a bit of spice and an all-around goodness that goes perfectly well with any dip of your choice,

the strong garlic flavor you can taste to the bone and cheesiness that just takes you far off that can be found in their Garlic Parmesan, which happens to be to be their bestseller, (and for good reason!)

the smoked saltiness with just the right amount of sweetness of Hickory BBQ which will remind you of a nice, sunny afternoon outdoor picnic in the backyard with the family,

the powerful sweetness and spice of Honey Sriracha sprinkled with good roasted sesame seeds–a personal favorite!

or even for a hint of sugar, spice and wait for it… alcohol! They’ve got the Spiced Rum for just that.

Go-to flavors which surely satisfy every time (no fail!) such as Soy Garlic, and Spicy Korean are available, too.

Honestly, I have always considered myself as someone with a high tolerance for anything spicy, but these wings got me tearing up a bit. For fire-breathers, challenge yourself with their EXTREMELY hot wings!

They have also got five different delicious dips, at 25php each, to give your wings a twist of flavor: aioli (a combination of garlic, oil, and egg), ranch, yogurt, garlic, and blue cheese. Guys, I’m telling you. Do not miss out on the garlic dip. I REPEAT. Do not miss out on the garlic dip. And while Honey Sriracha was a personal favorite, the Classic Buffalo will surely make it on your list.

No more stepping out of the house and braving miles-long traffic for your quick wings fix, they’ll be at your doorstep with a single call! The wings are guaranteed to be meaty and flavorful at 129php per order. Best of all–they arrive still hot and crispy. So you can enjoy them just as good as you would have in a dine-in restaurant!

How do you like your wings? Tell us in the comments!

Wings on Wheels PH

Mobile: 0977 613 9074
Hours: 10AM – 10PM

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