Will Marian Rivera Play Kim Seon-ho’s Mother in an Upcoming Film?

We’re not entirely sure where the rumors started, but many Filipinos have taken to Facebook to talk about Marian Rivera potentially playing the role of Kim Seon-ho’s mother in an upcoming film that he is currently considering.

For starters, it has to be said that Seon-ho himself hasn’t actually accepted the project yet. As written in our recent article about Sad Tropics, Seon-ho is still just “positively reviewing the casting offer” as per SALT Entertainment. As for whether Marian is being considered to play a part in it, that just seems to be rumors, as well. There have been no reports so far as to who is currently being considered for the role.

Although Marian is, without a doubt, a picture-perfect mother; it would seem unlikely for her to be cast as Seon-ho’s mother, though, seeing as she is only two years older than Good Boy… unless she plays his mother in flashbacks while he is still a child? Hmm…

marian rivera zia dantes

Sad Tropics will revolve around a man (potentially Seon-ho) with a Korean father and Filipino mother, who dreams of becoming a boxer. He then goes to Korea to look for his father who abandoned him, but meets bad guys and finds himself in different situations.

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