Wild West Bar & Grill: Steak, Chops, and Ribs for as Low as 275 Pesos

If you’ve ever gotten an enticing whiff of delicious barbecue smoke while walking along Bonifacio High Street, it was probably the modern western grill named Wild West Bar & Grill. I used to think it was just a nook for drinking; but after a recent visit, I learned that it also has a nice ambiance for families and barkadas to feast on their bestselling steaks, ribs, and chops!

Wild West Bar & Grill has been offering an extensive grill menu in Bonifacio Global City since 2007. They serve juicy steaks imported from the U.S., tender ribs and chops, ocean-fresh seafood, all-time favorite chicken dishes, and more. If you want to eat like a cowboy, Wild West’s bestsellers and interiors offer that ‘Old West’ feel and experience.

You can choose from five Wild West Bar & Grill steaks that come with side dishes and are served according to your preferred doneness.

WildWest 9

The Great Ribeye, Php1,250

For first timers, try Wild West Bar & Grill’s most popular steak, The Great Ribeye, a 12 oz. U.S. ribeye steak seasoned with herbs and garlic. Aside from mashed potatoes, fresh vegetables are also served on the side.

WildWest 39

Open Range Beef Tips, Php495

If you’re looking for rice to go with your steak, there’s the Open Range Beef Tips, a melt-in-your-mouth grilled U.S. steak tip served with Wild West rice and fresh veggies.

WildWest 20

Blackened Steak, Php675

The name of this steak is already interesting in itself. Blackened Steak is literally black in color because of the way it’s marinated. This grilled U.S. hanger steak is served with mashed potatoes and fresh veggies.

WildWest 6

Mushroom Sirloin Steak, Php795

The Mushroom Sirloin Steak is an 8 oz. U.S. Sirloin grilled with Wild West’s special seasoning and served with mashed potatoes, fresh veggies, and a creamy mushroom sauce.

WildWest 24

Flat Iron Steak, Php750

The Flat Iron Steak is a grilled U.S. flat iron steak served with roasted herb jus, fresh veggies, and mashed potatoes.

Wild West Bar & Grill’s menu of ribs and chops also wows. On top of our list is The Baby Back Ribs (Php550), which has a very flavorful barbeque sauce you won’t get enough of! It’s served with fries, shredded corn, and ranch dressing. No judgments when you feel like licking your fingers!

WildWest 49

They also offer this mouth-watering Grilled Pork Belly (Php295) served with Wild West rice and fresh veggies. Don’t forget to dip each cut into the ramekin of sour-spicy vinegar that comes with it!

WildWest 44

Wild West Bar & Grill’s Stuffed Porkloin (Php295) is a delicious hodgepodge of ham and cheese stuffed inside two slabs of pork and smothered with garlic cream sauce. This also comes with Wild West rice and fresh veggies.

WildWest 45

If you want something cheesier, go for the Wrangler’s Pork Steak (275 Php). For just less than 300, you’ll have a satisfying good meal of grilled pork steak topped with melted Swiss cheese and drizzled with au jus. It also comes with Wild West rice and fresh veggies.

WildWest 47

For something that’s classic and an all-time favorite, get the Grilled Pork Chop (Php275), which also comes with Wild West rice and fresh veggies.

WildWest 41

Don’t forget to order their Seafood Basket as a starter!

WildWest 2

Wild West Bar & Grill’s steak, ribs, and chops are relatively affordable and come in serving sizes for sharing. Plus, having a lot of options to choose from means there’s a meal for everyone here.

Wild West Grill & Bar

11th Avenue Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WildWestBarAndGrill