The Wild Juan: Delicious Food and the Cool Tagaytay Breeze are Perfect for the Summer


The cinnamon pancakes that they made are for sure made with love, as theirs are way better than iHop’s, fluffy but not too heavy. I also love that the cinnamon-chocolate flavor is not overdone, and paired with the honey, I was addicted. As I write this, I’m currently attempting to remake said pancakes, and yes, I tried to make puppy eyes and ask Chef Thomas for his recipe on them.


Risotto sa Gata on the other hand is like a backwards Champorado, wherein you get your coconut milk-based malagkit rice, and you pour in your cacao tablea ganache. Plus points to the fact that you can control your chocolate. Wait- who’d want to do that anyways? hahaha! My daughter was all smiles when she ate this, and she got through the whole adult-sized bowl. It’s THAT good. By the way, they serve this with caramelized Dilis on the side… Which I also paired with the Adobo Flakes Breakfast hahaha!


Nearby places to visit is Tagaytay City (20 mins drive), Sky Ranch Tagaytay and Twin Lakes Paseo. Also, for another 5 minutes of drive you can find yourself in the entrance of Caluega Chapel. You know, that cute Chapel in the south that’s always booked for prenups and weddings.. Quite Majestic 🙂


I would definitely come back to The Wild Juan, if just to get another taste of the Caldereta Wings, Awesome Adobo Flakes, Chicken and Pancakes, and Risotto sa Gata. They don’t have a wide selection of coffee or pastries. And that’s because they’re hoping to open up a cafe of their own around November of this year (Cafe Juan), alongside a camping/glamping area and a zip line pretty soon!

The Wild Juan

Tagaytay Ridge, Km68 Tagaytay Nasugbu Highway, Tagaytay

+63 915 432-4196


Instagram: @thewildjuan