Why You Should Date a UP Student, According to Iskos and Iskas

Written by Raffy Tañada

Utak at puso! [Head and heart!] This was the tagline made popular by UP Pep Squad in the past few years which prides the ordinary isko and iska. But why puso [heart]? We went around the Diliman campus to ask students why a UP isko or iska would be the ideal person to date.

Move over chinito boyfriend for rent!

These students also give their ideas on the most romantic scenes found around campus to take that special someone in between or after classes, plus their best pick-up lines.
Talk about a balance of acads and lovelife.

“Why should you date a UP student?”

Why date an Isko 5

Sophia Soriano, 2nd year, BS Business Administration and Accountancy

You should date a UP student because you know that you would have a future with that person. We are people who prepare for the future!

Why Date an Isko 1

Chummi Crisologo, 1st year, BS Business Administration

I think UP students are used to spending cheap for food so    I think dates would be much cheaper than how they’re supposed to be.

Why date an Isko 9

Michelle Guillermo, 5th year, BS Civil Engineering

I’m dating one as of the moment. Well for one, same kami ng interests in life. Same kami ng principles about studies, getting a good career in the future and same kami ng pinaagdadaanan or pinagdaanan niya in the past. Medyo nakakarelate kami sa isa’t-isa.

Why date an Isko 4

Elijah Silverio, 3rd year, BS Mechanical Engineering

Ah! Date a UP student!I think one should date a UP student because they are easily pleased. But they don’t have those standards.

Even just a small gesture would mean a lot to them.

Why date an Isko 6

Ian De Luna, 3rd year, BS Business Administration and Accountancy

It’s not just that were smart, but were more open to thoughts so you can talk to us about anything and we won’t judge you, I guess. And, I think one thing that we can offer is that we always bring something to the table, kahit ano pa yan.

Why date an Isko 13

Elena Marie Calamlam, 2nd year, BS Civil Engineering

Kasi, siguro nakakaya nga namin lampasan yung hell week. As in hell week, dito. Ano pa yung problema sa relationship natin di ba?

Why date an Isko 2

Clarence Protacio, 4th year, BA Speech Communication

Dating a UP student is great because you get to have very great conversations like talking about the most random stuff, like si Zorro or fishballs, to the more deep conversations about philosophy or whatever. . so it’s great!

Why date an Isko 14

Mef Marzan, 4th year, BA English Studies

You should date a UP student kasi kahit nagthe-thesis kami bibigyan ka namin ng oras.

Why date an Isko 12

Jared Michael Fernandez, 3rd year, BS Mining Engineering

Kasi, sa tingin ko may tatlong possible priorities lang talaga ang isang UP student. And yung top dun ay either si god, acads or para talaga sa bayan. You would date a UP student and he would make you his priority and that would be awesome.

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