Why You Should Date a UP Student, According to Iskos and Iskas

“If ever you were to have a date in the UP campus, where would it be?”

Why date an Isko 7

Bea Lee, 5th year, BS Civil Engineering

I suggest jogging around the oval. The trees are so nice…with the sunset and ambience. I think it’s nice!

Why date an Isko 16

Ysabel Miranda, 3rd year, BS Business Administration

“I’d bring my date to ROC, because it’s my favorite restaurant in UP.”

Best pick up line?

“Orange ka ba? Kasi…Sunkiss (isang kiss) nga!”

Why date an Isko 15

Ernest Fritz Esase, 5th year, BA Theater Arts

Dadalhin ko siya sa, siguro sa CAL hill kiosk lang. Simple lang; kwek-kwek, simpleng turo-turo lang. I think it’s not about the place but the memories you will share together.


Why date an Isko 3

Tristan De Leon, 4th year, B Physical Education

Okay. May plan na ako diyan eh. Bibili kami ng streetfood sa baba sa kiosk. Tapos, there’s a spot in BA, top floor, construction siya, pero the view is hella’ nice! Pero, it’s not gonna last, kasi construction.


Why date an Isko 17

Omar Daliwag, 3rd year, BA Comparative Literature

Sa Rodic’s because Rodic’s tapa is love.

Best pick-up line?

Rodic’s tapa ka ba? Kasi mahal kita!


Why date an Isko 11

Anara Noelle Chiongbian, 1st year, BS Economics

To Arki siomai for the first meal we’ll share.

Best pick-up line?

Are you the substrate to my active side? Because you catalyze my emotions!


Why date an Isko 18

Ave Rose Carillo, 1st year, BA European Languages

If ever, Vargas Museum because, first of all, art is in. Other than that, it’s very UP. It shows the art of the local artists and it shows a lot about the culture of UP students as well.

Best pick-up line?

Pare! Pulis be mine!


Why date an Isko 8

Eloi Napilot, 4th year, BS Geodetic Engineering

Kiosks sa main lib. May siomai dun.


Why date an Isko 10

Clarice Tee, 1st year, BS Business Administration

To the library or Area 2. For the library so we could chill on the couch or study. Area 2 so we can like eat a lot.

Have you dated an isko or iska before? What was your favorite thing about him or her? Tell us in the comments. <3