VIRAL: UP Pep Squad Skips UAAP Cheerdance, Fans React

Today is an emotional day for UAAP CDC fans.

Last year, UP Pep Squad coach Lalaine Pereña filed a complaint regarding the results of the competition, but it was turned down by the UAAP Cheerdance Committee. Earlier today, it was announced that the UP Pep Squad will not be joining this year’s cheerdance competition.

The University of the Philippines Varsity Pep Squad released their official statement on Facebook this afternoon, October 26, 2016.

The post read:

Last year was one of the most striking seasons in the history of our team. If you have been following our story since, thank you for your interest and patience. Finally, we can share the news to those who have been wondering that, regretfully, we will not be part of this season’s UAAP Cheerdance Competition.

From our first request for an informal meeting, to the letter of protest advised by the organizers themselves, we have exhausted all our efforts to reach a resolution. We have repeatedly sought out the delegated individuals to no avail. And after many weeks, months, and now a year of waiting, our issues and questions remain unresolved. Reared in the institution we represent, we abide with our principles of honor and integrity, and stay true to our word of foregoing with the competition, should the same organizers be hired to handle the event again.
Though you may not all agree with us, we hope that our supporters will understand our decision and remain behind us in harnessing our freedom to prioritize our principles and the welfare of our student athletes.

We are grateful and fortunate still, that our efforts in training for the past 12 months can still be geared towards other worthwhile events. At present, our team continues to prepare for other commitments including our participation in this year’s Asian Cheerleading and Dancesport Competition. The national governing body of cheerleading in the Philippines has granted us the honor of representing the country in this event and we are thrilled to carry our flag alongside Asia’s best teams. We are also working on a simple gathering in keeping our duty to cheer for our university, fellow students and supporters: a consolation for the sizable longing that missing this season’s CDC will leave in our hearts. We hope you will be patient enough for this offering, or in terms familiar to us: an oblation.

Between this season and the one before, no one can be certain if its been good or bad for the team. All that we know for sure is the hurt we had to endure. But even that won’t matter in time. In a strange way, that is comforting. What matters is knowing what you stand for, what you represent, and the freedom to act on it. What matters is knowing your capacity to endure, your value and how your worth is being measured. And again we are reminded, gratefully, that we are measured in love.

We asked netizens on Facebook and Twitter for their reactions, and these were some of the answers we received.

Some people expressed their shock over what had happened…




… and even compared it to heartbreak!



But most people voiced out their support.







Okay, on a funny note, this celebrity-issue-related tweet totally made me LOL.


One thing’s certain: iskos and iskas all over the country are beaming with SCHOOL PRIDE!




The UP Pep Squad’s no-show was a STATEMENT—and a powerful one, at that.


Being an iskolar ng bayan myself, I am extremely proud of how my schoolmates firmly stood their ground and held on to their principles.

Utak at puso! Padayon, UP!

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