Why We Love Lily Collins’ Character in ‘Emily in Paris’

‘Emily in Paris’. You either love the show or you hate it. I’m one of the people who really enjoyed watching it. In fact, I loved it so much, I binge-watched it in a single mornight. I do, however, know some people who hated it. For me, though, ‘Emily in Paris’ proved to be a fun ride that made me forget all of the sadness the world is going through at the moment, if even just for a few hours.

That aside, I also love that Emily was a go-getter – someone to look up to and strive to be like. I got to talk to Lily Collins, who stars in the lead role in the show, and Darren Star, the creator of the show, over Zoom recently; and they raved about Lily’s character, as well. Here’s what they love about her.

Why We Love Lily Collins’ Character in ‘Emily in Paris’

She doesn’t let anything get her down.

“During a time that we’re all being thrown these curveballs in many different ways, and having to deal with the unknown; it’s great to see how Emily does it,” Lily says. “She her ups and downs, but is ultimately able to get through them. That’s really inspiring.”

Emily in Paris 2

She is self confident, enthusiastic, and strong.

Darren points out that Emily has a lot of self confidence, a lot of enthusiasm, and a lot of strong ideas. “She has a gung ho work ethic that we value in America,” he adds. “I’m not saying they’re not valued in France, but I do feel like there’s a difference in style.” He also loves that Emily stands firm against all of the rejection she had to take at the beginning of the show is a character.

Emily in Paris 10

She proves that nothing is impossible.

I mean, the way she grows her followers out of thin air was mind-boggling as it is. :p That aside, she is also optimistic and resourceful. “She has that American mentality of ‘everything is possible’,” says Lily. “She’s not afraid to ask for help, either, and she’s not a quitter. I really love that mentality of asking for help when she needs it and she’s just really strong and passionate.”

Emily in Paris 8

She is true to her personality.

Despite being the odd one out in a completely different country, Emily never tried to adjust or change her ways. Lily points out that Emily is bright and bold and a little bit obvious and loud in her personality, her work, and in her fashion – and we love that about her.

Emily in Paris 5

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