Here’s Why You Should Watch Dwayne Johnson’s New Movie “Rampage”

Written by Jesh Orquina

If you’ve seen Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson‘s other movies such as “Jumanji“, “Central Intelligence”, and “Tooth Fairy”, you already know by now that there’s a lot of action-filled scenes to expect. Johnson has always had a knack for action with the right mix of comedy; and “Rampage”, his latest movie, showcases just that.

But that’s not all there is to the movie, either. In a movie that stars Johnson, the action and comedy parts are given. Here are some other things that will convince you to watch the movie ASAP:

There are animals in the movie that, er, turn into monsters.

Of course, they’re not real animals. The scenes with these animals-turned-monsters are all computer-generated imagery (CGI), but Weta Digital (known for Avatar and Lord of the Rings) did such a good job that you won’t even notice the difference. Sure, a lot of other movies have animals in them, as well. But a sweet albino gorilla who turns into a gigantic monster because of a failed science experiment? I bet you haven’t seen anything like that before.

The movie stars other actors you love from other shows.

Johnson and Harris

The fact that this movie stars Johnson really should be enough reason to watch it. Just in case you’re not quite convinced, though, you might love to know that there are other actors to look forward to in the movie, as well, including Oscar nominee Naomie Harris (“Moonlight), MTV Movie Awards Best Musical Moment awardee Joe Manganiello (“Magic Mike”), and “The Office” star Jake Lacy.

The visual effects are AMAZING.

It’s super frustrating when you’re watching an intense scene, but then you start to notice the flaws in the animation and you just can’t enjoy it as much anymore. That is NOT gonna happen when you watch this movie. Most of the scenes in the movie are integrated with CGI, but everything is done so flawlessly that you really can’t tell what is real and what is just a visual effect. Here’s a tip: watch it in 3D.

It’s heart-warming.

Johnson’s character in the movie, Davis Okoye, has a unique friendship with an albino gorilla named George. Okoye prefers the companies of animals over humans, something a lot of animal lovers can relate to. This movie might mess with your emotions just a teeny tiny bit, but it will definitely melt your heart in the best way possible. If you’re up for a movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat but will also make you go “Awwww!“, you should definitely watch this.

 P.S. Check out this comic book prequel to the movie.

“Rampage”, directed by Brad Peyton, is now showing in theaters nationwide.


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