WATCH: The Trailer For The New ‘Jumanji’ Movie Is Here!

A couple of years back, we were traumatised as kids with the possibility of playing a simple board game that would cross over into the real world and put everyone and everything at risk.

It was all because of the film Jumanji.

Yes, it was terrorising, but it was enjoyable.

Now, because we just love hurting ourselves, we’ve got a sequel to the film coming up–and it’s going to be a lot different than what we’ve expected.

For starters, Jumanji 2: Welcome to the Jungle will ditch the old board game and will put into centre stage something a lot more 21st century: a video game. Yes, Jumanji is now a video game–complete with getting sucked into the game and getting avatars.

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This avatar thing is actually the root of all the comedy in the film. With a nerdy teenager trapped in The Rock’s body and a cute popular girl in the body of Jack Black, and adding Kevin Hart and Karen Gillian into the mix, it’s going to be one crazy ride.

Check out more of the action in this first trailer for Jumanji 2:

If you ask me, I’m actually feeling a bit more Journey to the Center of the Earth vibe than Jumanji. Maybe it’s because of the lack of the cards and dices and the actual board game, but it looks funny and quite intense so I’m willing to give it a shot.

Jumanji 2: Welcome to the Jungle is set to premiere in the Philippines on January 8 next year.

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