Here’s Why Prestiz Is THE Brand You Need for Your Home

Among all the significant lifestyle shifts that we saw in the last few years, none have been more satisfying than this strong focus on home improvement. A specific area of focus paid to home appliances. Beyond the typical gadgets designed to make your home feel more comfortable and help you manage household chores, people were especially keen on upgrading their audio/visual appliances. After all, when you’re stuck at home, wouldn’t it make more sense to give yourself an elevated entertainment experience?

So let’s start with your TV. As far as your options go, it’s time to look at a brand that commits to making lives better—Prestiz.

Prestiz built its name in the category with its strong focus on building a visual experience like no other. When they say they’re at the cutting edge of technology, they mean it. The brand pays attention to picture quality like no other, with the intent of bringing the senses into action and durability that withstands time. Since it was introduced 11 years ago, Prestiz ably leveled the playing field with prestigious names in its niche, introducing products that range from audio-visual equipment to air conditioners, and even washing machines, gas stoves, burners, and ranges one of them is the top-of-the-line Prestiz Gas Range 4 Burner 60cm & 80L Oven with Chicken Rotisserie, that’s presently at 28% Off on their Lazada Flagship Store.

That said, Prestiz’s contribution to this home resurgence puts the spotlight on their TVs. To give audiences the audio and visual experience that they deserve at home, Prestiz introduced their 4K UHD smart webOSTV. It’s powered by a Quad Core Processor that allows you to connect more smart devices easily. Remarkable features include voice control, a point-and-click mouse, a customizable dashboard, and an MEMC feature to make every motion smoother.


Photo from Prestiz

It also features an incredibly sleek aesthetic—frameless with a subtle backlight that seamlessly works with any interior space The Prestiz smart TV is available in 50#, 55#, and 65# and comes with a reliable warranty for parts and services. And if you truly want to elevate your viewing experience, you can pair your TV with Prestiz’s line of home theater speakers—all designed to offer a more immersive sound experience to go with your high-contrast and dynamic cinematic experience at home.

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