Here’s Why You Should Grow Vegetables at Home

How much of a plantita or plantito (or halamamsir) are you? If you want to level up your plant life and maybe even save money in the process, why not try to grow your own vegetables at home?

Why Should You Consider Growing Vegetables at Home?

Whether you want to start a new hobby or are simply bored of pandemic life, there are many reasons why you might want to grow vegetables at home.

Fresh fruits and vegetables at Hangin Garden Tagaytay

You can enjoy fresher vegetables.

When shopping for vegetables at the market, you can’t really guarantee their freshness. This is because you don’t know where they are coming from and how far they had to travel to get to the market. Having vegetables that are mere steps away and that you can harvest at peak ripeness will ensure freshness, better taste, and better nutrition.

It could be fun.

Believe it or not, growing vegetables at home can be fun. Aside from learning a new skill, you could actually come to find that gardening relieves stress and makes you happy. There is also a certain level of satisfaction that comes with harvesting your own vegetables once they are ready.

You could save money.

All vegetables are different, and so are all households. Ideally, you should make your decision depending on which vegetables you spend the most money on during your visits to the market. Prices of vegetables also depend on the season and your location so that is something you should consider, as well. Generally speaking, however, herbs, lettuce, and tomatoes are said to be cheaper to grow than to buy.

Which Vegetables Can Be Grown at Home and Where Can You Buy Them?

There are a ton of vegetables that can be grown at home, but here are some of the easiest ones to grow and where to buy them. For planting instructions for each of these vegetables, you may visit Halamanan.

Radishes (Labanos)

Halamanan Radish e1614923069295

This pack comes with 300 seeds of early maturing radishes with medium-long, smooth, straight, and bright white color roots. If you love sinigang, pickled radish, and salads, this would be a great vegetable for you to grow at home. You just need to know when to harvest them in order to get the best texture and flavor out of them. Generally, these radishes will take 40 to 45 days to be ready for harvest. Buy this super sulit radish seed pack now while it’s at 65% off!


Halamanan Carrots e1614923399503

This pack comes with 800 seeds. Carrots are incredibly easy to grow as long as you plant the seeds in loose, soft, and sandy soil that drains well. Buy this super sulit radish seed pack now while it’s at 65% off!


Halamanan Lettuce e1614923596509

This pack contains seeds of an old heirloom lettuce variety. Lettuce is easy to grow and you can even start by growing them indoors first or grow them directly in your garden. This green romaine variant produces loose, leafy heads of gorgeous vibrant lettuce with a crisp and tender texture, and is full of superb flavor. Popular baby leaves can be harvested in 35 days, and full-sized leaves in 60 days. Buy this super sulit radish seed pack now while it’s at 60% off!

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