Why Don’t Filipinos Move Out of Their Parents’ Houses?

If there is something I would deem “very Filipino”, it would be having close family ties. Filipinos are very close to their families… and not just the immediate family, either, but even faraway relatives.


Though being close to your family is a good things, there can be several drawbacks when it comes to your individual progress. One drawback is not moving out of your parents’ house. I have asked this question many times before because I myself haven’t moved out. In fact, most of the people I know haven’t, either.


In other countries, when a child graduates from college, they usually move out. They get jobs and get their own homes to progress as an individual. This way, they get a chance to strive on their own and fully submerge into adulthood.

First things first: when someone moves out of their parents’ house, they are able to explore their limitations and what they can do beyond the comforts of their family homes. They learn how to be responsible for their finances, chores, time management, and everything else that they have to be able to do on their own. These things help people improve their personalities and help them “adult”.

So why do Filipinos stay at their parents homes instead of moving out after graduating?

Filipinos like comfort. As much as Filipinos are known for their hard work and ingenuity, they also appreciate comfort. The comforts of home come first. Staying at home means you will be taken care of by your family in terms of preparing food, cleaning the house, and your other general basic needs.

Another reason why people stay in their family homes is because they don’t know how to manage their finances. Paying for rent, utilities, and taxes can be complicated, and many want to escape that.

Filipino family ties are so strong that sometimes people choose to stay at home in order to give back to their families and help them with their finances. This is actually one of the most common reasons. When someone graduates, they pay their family back by taking over their family’s finances, whether that means paying for rent, groceries, medical bills and/or utilities.


The cost of living in Metro Manila is really high, too. Many Filipinos don’t move out because they don’t have options on where to stay. Since most jobs are in Metro Manila, the cost of living is pretty high, as well. Going home to nearby provinces can be a hassle, especially with limited transportation options. Many people stay with their parents or relatives, making them (still) stay with family members.

What do you think? Why do Filipinos stay at home? Do you?