Why Do Most Men Only Ever Reply to the Last Question You Send?

Is it just me or do most men only ever respond to the last question you send? I thought this was all in my imagination but when I put up informal polls on FB and Twitter about this, so many said that it was a thing.

I used to just notice this in annoyance when I’d send two questions and I’d only get an answer for the last one and I’d have to make the extra effort to re-type my first. I don’t even send 10000 questions in one go, sometimes it’s just two, but it’s still like there’s some sort of barrier between the first and second and they can’t answer both.

And it’s not even a case of answering both at the same time with the same answer, sometimes they’re two different kinds of questions. They aren’t both yes-or-no questions or anything. So I’m so confused–why do most men only reply to the last/only one question you sent?

I tried this out and almost all the (platonically/filially-related) men in my life do the same thing. I wonder why. One friend asked another one of her friends on my behalf and got an amusing answer:

Is this true for most? That there are so many so, eh, just answer the last one? But why? Do they not see the other questions? Is something stopping them from addressing all the other concerns you’ve sent? Why do we have to go one-by-one? (Deliberately asked all these to see which one/s you’ll answer mentally).

I have a few rare answers from some of the men in my and my friends’ life/lives.

It’s too much trouble to get them all

Even if you neatly order your questions with A+-worthy formatting that’d make your thesis advisor weep with joy, only the last will be answered. Why? Because it’s too much trouble to address them all. There’s so much going on, so much inquisition, there’s way too much to talk about.

But what about the trouble we went through asking at all? :'( We clearly need to know something and sure it’s a little troublesome but c’mon (I’m not making hugot about my last relationship… what’re you talking about)…

Obviously, there are things we wanna know and there are probably answers, we just can’t access them because of the perceived trouble of going through them all and having to type them down. But why does that mean we have to go through the trouble of listing them all but not hearing anything back? 🙁

They wanna curve your other questions

They simply just don’t wanna answer the others. The others are big yikes questions and they think that if they answer one, you’ll either be: A) satisfied with that or B) exasperated that you didn’t answer the rest and just give up. They might be tricky to answer or just things they don’t wanna address at all.

According to a friend who will remain anonymous (and who I had to ask thrice for an answer), he said that sometimes they feel like if the question is even just slightly emotionally-charged, they hope you’ll forget if they satisfy even just one inquiry. “It’s like, if I say yes to one thing, maybe you won’t want to ask again.”

One-answer-fits-all and/or that attention span though

Maybe the sheer number of question marks is intimidating. Are they? Maybe that one answer, no matter how little it even relates to some of the other questions, is meant to address it anyway. Even if you ask things like: Black or brown for my hair dye? Should I get a pixie cut? And they answer “yes” it’s supposed to answer both. How? It’s a mystery even to us. The inner machinations of their minds are enigmas to us all.

Or, according to my friend, sometimes they just see the last one and everything else blurs. “It’s my attention span, too… And all my friends’ attention spans… We can’t handle it,” he admits. And it was an answer that made me sigh but understand. Surely not everyone is like this, but it sort of also makes sense that you wanna make the most of your time no matter what. And responding to questions that can sorta be encompassed by just one vague, if not kind of strange, answer? Why not?

Will we ever know the true reason why? Who knows? There are too many questions in this article already. Even I’m overwhelmed. That might be it.

Do you have a guess? Let us know!


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