Why Can’t We Just Let People Enjoy Things?

Have you ever noticed how sometimes, some people are simply just so negative about anything and everything? David Christopher Hizon sure has, especially after watching ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ in the cinemas recently. “Why can’t we just let people enjoy things?” he asks.

David raves that the movie was nothing short of a masterpiece, but he also admits he was never a huge fan of Queen since he didn’t grow up listening to their songs. “In fact, in all pure honesty, I only got to appreciate the song when it was used as Suicide Squad’s OST covered by one of my favorite bands, Panic! at the Disco,” he shares “And really, I loved Panic’s version first before I got curious about the original.”

In the Mix: The 1975, Panic! At The Disco, Third Eye Blind, James Bay, Elle King, Twin Pines live in Manila - Gia Soriano

The movie opened David’s eyes, though. It let him appreciate the genius behind the song and all the other titles the band made throughout the years. “I loved the drama and the eccentricities, and learning that most of the songs I heard playing on the radio back in my childhood were from Queen,” he gushes. “I fell in love with the personalities, with me liking Bryan and Dickie the most. Overall, it gave me, just like every other new fan out there, a totally new appreciation of the band.”

David points out that not everyone is lucky enough to have been born when certain bands were at their peaks. Not everyone gets to experience the same things growing up, the same environments, and the same exposure to music. However, he also stresses that being a fan for the longest time doesn’t give you the right to tell new fans to eff off. “Let people appreciate and enjoy new things, even if to you, it isn’t so new. This is valid, and totally okay,” he says.

While David isn’t a hardcore fan now all of a sudden just because of the movie, it did open his eyes and ears to a whole new genre he hadn’t really bothered exploring before.

“So to everyone else: don’t be afraid of exploring new things. Don’t be afraid to like things that have already existed for a while but you’ve never been curious about before. Don’t listen to what people would say. Listen to what you want, be a fan of whatever you want. Don’t conform with anyone else’s standards – just as how Queen, and Mr. Mercury, gloriously did. Be you.”

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