Who Said Clay is For Kids? Polymer Makes Adults Get In On The Fun

Ever seen those miniature models of mouthwatering pastries and desserts made into magnets, keychains and even, jewelry?

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Those adorable donut earrings and chibi figurines are made with polymer clay, and with it, the possibilities are endless.

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Polymer is a sculptable material based on the polymer Polyvinyl Chloride or PVC. This clay-like material can be purchased in craft and hobby stores like Hobbes & Landes, and can be painted or glazed to look as realistic as possible.

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Provenance 1800 Designs and Crafts is one of those creative organizations who makes this sculptable material into a form of making a living. Starting with the polymer clay, it is then molded into a miniature (mostly) pastry and doll figurines using various craft tools.

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1. Mix the polymer clay with crushed soft pastel or watercolor to attain a certain realism to its appearance by adding some color and depth.

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2. Although you can paint over the finished and baked product using acrylic paint.

3. Add a drop of essence or oil for aroma. Pastries and sweets go well will with a drop or two of vanilla essence.

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4. Create frosting for your adorable polymer pastries and desserts by combining polymer clay with translucent liquid clay (TLS) to add a mouthwatering glaze.

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5. If you plan to get into polymer crafts, it is suggested that you buy your own electric oven for baking the products as there are still chemicals involved. It is unadvisable to inhale the fumes while it is baking.

6. Polymer bakes at 130 degrees for a total of 40 minutes, 10 minutes pre-heating the oven and then 30 minutes polymer bake.

For kids, Think Doh is a silicon-based clay that doesn’t dry up when baking. Kids will have the time of their lives sculpting and shaping the putty and adding accessories. However, Think Doh bakes at 200 degrees and for just 10 minutes.

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Ever tried polymer?