Where to Watch the FIFA World Cup Finals LIVE in Manila

Where to Watch the FIFA World Cup Finals LIVE in Manila 

Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janeiro – Location of the FIFA World Cup Finals

Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janeiro – Location of the FIFA World Cup Finals


It’s almost the FIFA World Cup finals! Which team are you rooting for? And just as important, where will you watch it? In an event that only happens every four years, you shouldn’t miss out on the pounding of tables, clinking of beer, and screams at almost-goals with your friends or even with random people who are cheering for the same team as you are.

So where can you watch the World Cup Finals LIVE in Manila you ask? Well, we’re here to help you with that! 

Here are five popular destinations to watch the World Cup in the Metro. Don’t forget to wear your jerseys!


Handle Bar

Handle Bar

Who says rockers and bikers can’t be sports enthusiasts? Appropriately decorated, Handle Bar is one of the most badass bars in the city. Owned by the Mad Dog Motorcycle Club, this bar is full testosterone with bikes parked out in front, oil drums as chairs and tables, and pool tables. Go ahead and cheer or boo as loud as you can. The louder the better!

31 Polaris Street
Bel-Air Village
Makati City

Heckle and Jeckle 

Heckle and Jeckle

Just a walk away from Handle Bar, Heckle and Jeckle, now known as H&J, can be another option if the other place is too full. Named after a cartoon released by 20th Century Fox, this bar is just as popular as the two iconic magpies. What’s great about this place is that even if you are taking a cigarette break outside, you are still able to watch the game. The bar has many television screens ensuring you never miss a moment of the exciting game; not to mention, it stays open from Friday night until Monday morning. You get to celebrate (or mourn) all weekend long.

G/F Villa Building Anzo
Felipe corner Polaris Street
Makati City

Le Café Curioux 

Makati City Le Café Curioux

The French may have been eliminated during the quarter finals, but that doesn’t mean Futbol fans can’t enjoy some joie de vivre. More laid back than the two previous bars, Le Café Curioux is set in a beautiful garden. Don’t think however, that the energy here during the game will be less! Watch the game while drinking their specialty house rums or with a bottle of French wine, instead of the usual beer. After all, the Finals will definitely be a night to remember. 

Bel-Air Soho
Polaris corner Badajos
Makati City

Sofitel Hotel’s Snaps Sports Bar 

snaps-sports-bar-when-in-manila (5)

If you want to avoid some of the uncontrollable rowdiness that one expects while watching the World Cup, The Snaps Sports Bar in Sofitel might be the best option for you. It is modern and sleek, and as should be in a luxury hotel, you get to watch in comfortable chaise lounges in front of LCD screens. As a fringe benefit, you can look at the sun rise over the Manila Bay after the game.

CCP Complex
Roxan Boulevard
Pasay City

Solaire Resort and Casino 

One of the newest attractions in the metro, this place will be crawling with gamblers and sports enthusiasts excited to place a bet on the next winning team! Just be sure not to gamble away your entire life savings when watching the FIFA World Cup Live in Manila, around this crowd of casino lovers at the Solaire Resort and Casino.

1 Asean Avenue
Entertainment City
Tambo,Paranaque City 1701

If you are still confused where to watch the game, online property finder Lamudi Philippines actually came up with a kooky infographic to help you out!


Lamudi Philippines


*For a more complete list of bars and restaurants that air the World Cup, you can check out Megacity Manila by clicking here.


Hope that helps! Enjoy the World Cup Finals LIVE in the Philippines!!!!


Where to Watch the FIFA World Cup LIVE in Manila