Here’s Where Filipinos Can Experience Cherry Blossoms Without a Visa

It’s starting to become pretty in pink as cherry blossoms begin to bloom in Taiwan. Only a two-hour flight from the Philippines and with the extension of the visa-free policy for Filipinos, Taiwan can make your cherry blossom dream trip come true!

Photo from Taiwan Tourism Board

Here’s Where Filipinos Can Experience Cherry Blossoms Without a Visa

You can visit the Alishan National Scenic Area, famous for its Alishan Cherry Blossom Festival, which kicks off from March to early April. Take the vintage train ride for a memorable experience. Another beautiful cherry blossom spot is the Wuling Farm where you can see thousands of cherry tree blooms over the entire farm. How about going to Sun Moon Lake to enjoy the magnificent pink view as you ride the cable car?

If you prefer to stay in the city, take a stroll along the Neigou River in Neihu and enjoy a variety of cherry trees whether in the morning or evening. These are just some of the many delightful places that can give you the best views of the pink blooms, all of which are truly picture- and memory-worthy!

Photo from Taiwan Tourism Board

In addition to experiencing these beautiful flowers, don’t forget to satisfy your cravings for the food and beverages that Taiwan is best known for – beef noodle soup, xiaolongbao, and Bubble Milk Tea! In fact, you can get to choose from over 320 Michelin Star restaurants to visit all over Taiwan to include in your gastronomic adventure.

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