When Koreans Try to Speak Tagalog #NOSEBLEED

When Koreans Try to Speak Tagalog #NOSEBLEED


NOSEBLEED: In Filipino slang, to “have a nosebleed” is to have serious difficulty conversing in English with a fluent or native English speaker. It can also refer to anxiety brought on by a stressful event such as trying hard to speak in another language. 


When in Manila, I’m sure you’ve heard about the term “Nosebleed” especially when we are left with no choice but to speak in English. I understand how  it can be extremely stressful at times, but have you ever wondered how foreigners would react and look like when placed  in a similar situation? I sure would love to see foreigners having a “nosebleed moment” while speaking Tagalog as well!

Koreans Speak Tagalog


Here’s a hilarious video about Koreans trying to speak some Tagalog lines from their local Korean TV series scenes. 



Also, I’d like to share with you this video about 2 Koreans girls who seem to be enjoying their Tagalog “nosebleed moment”



What’s your impression whenever you hear foreigners speak Tagalog?

Do you know of any foreigners who can speak fluent Tagalog?



When Koreans Try to Speak Tagalog #NOSEBLEED