When In Subic Bay: Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Stay in Buma Subic Hotel and Restaurant

Located in the much coveted Moonbay Marina boardwalk, BUMA Subic Hotel and Restaurant is a 39-room hotel that promises luxury within your reach. Opened in 2013, it is the latest addition to the BUMA Seafood Restaurant franchise – a number of well-known establishments in Metro Manila existing since 2001.

So, if you’re heading out to Subic Bay and looking for a place to stay, this may just be the perfect place for you. Here are the top 7 reasons why:

7. It is strategically located

BUMA is just a few minutes away from some of Subic Bay‘s top destinations: Ocean Adventure, Treetop Adventure, Royal Duty Free Shop, and Harbor Point Mall. Providing families, couples, barkada, and even businessmen the convenience they so deserved.


The boardwalk is literally BUMA’s backyard

Singles who are ready to mingle will also like BUMA since they’d have no trouble meeting people – the hotel is located right at the heart of the party scene.

6. It has a bangin’ bar

The Soluna Sky Bar is one of the hippest places to hang out around the boardwalk. The ambiance is fantastic and they serve delicious concoctions and mocktails. Their signature drinks are enjoyable – and that’s coming from an only-if-I-really-have-to alcohol drinker!


5. The view is amazing

Aside from the conference rooms and the Grand Ball Room that BUMA offers it clientele, it also has a 2nd-floor veranda that looks out into the beach. This relaxing view gets even more perfect with the swimming pool a few steps below.


The veranda looks out into the beach


The pool at night as viewed from the veranda

4. The structure is beautiful and the amenities are top notch

If you’re a fan of design and architecture, you’re sure to appreciate the simple but elegant interiors of BUMA. The style is teeming with Asian influences, from the graceful lobby to the paintings displayed. The facade is also photogenic. The white walls accented with black railings make the place really stand out. The rooms are also really classy and the sheets smell sooooo wonderful!


The incredible lobby





The facade is so elegant 


And it lights up beautifully at night too!

3. The food is just the best!

See the exclamation point? I mean it! BUMA’s menu is a mix of traditional Filipino dishes and Korean fanfare. Everything I’ve tried from the menu is spot on! From the BUMA burger to the fried chicken, everything was just so good. But you really shouldn’t miss the Bagnet Kare-kare!


The Bagnet Kare-kare is a must-try!


BUMA’s signature burger


A Feast by BUMA

2. BUMA offers customizable tour packages

If you want a hassle-free way to see Subic Bay’s attractions, BUMA will take care of everything. They organize tours depending on your and your group’s preferences. No more worrying about getting lost, just sit back and relax!

And the top reason why you should stay at BUMA:

1. It is relatively cheaper than other hotels in the area

Yup! Compared to other accommodations in Moonbay Marina, BUMA’s rates are affordable. I mean for the kind of amenities and service they offer, the rates are quite a steal. What’s more is that they also regularly have promos and discounts, so luxury really is within your reach!

Follow them on their Facebook page to know about the latest promos and discounts. For a DIY Guide to Subic, go here. Check out also these top 3 places to visit when in Subic Bay!

BUMA Subic Hotel and Restaurant

Block 3 Lot 2B Moonbay Marina, Waterfront Road Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Zambales, Philippines

Landline: +63 47 250 8282

Mobile: +63 917 855 7569

Email: info.bumasubic@gmail.com

Website: www.bumahotelsubic.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/BUMASubic

Instagram: @bumasubichotel