Dezato Cafe: Mochi Balls Dessert

FAVORITE DESSERT ALERT!!! FAVORITE DESSERT ALERT!!! Oh, as most of you may know, or actually most of you probably don’t know, well, some might… anywayz, I LOVE desserts. So it’s only fitting that one of my favorite places in the Philippines is this quaint little place in New Manila called Dezato Cafe, which is famous for their Mochi Balls Dessert.

Now Open Dezato Cafe Mochi Iced Chai Philippines WhenInManila.com

According to my friend and the owner of Dezato Cafe, Maria, a Mochi Ball is a Japanese dessert that’s made from sticky rice. It’s usually filled with red beans or sesame and rolled with starch. But at Dezato Cafe, they don’t really conform to all that traditional riff-raff, they just had to be different!

Dezato Cafe Mochi Balls Dessert Philippines When In Manila

At Dezato Cafe, they fill their little Mochi Balls with Belgian Chocolate Truffles! Their flavors range from combinations of White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Green Tea, Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate and much more. The combinations are just endless!!!! Oh and those are just their Mini Mochi Balls that have the caramel type cream in them… but check this out… they also have Ice Cream filled Mochi Balls!!! I know… there is a Dessert God and he smiles down upon us…

Dezato Cafe Mochi Balls Dessert Philippines WIM

Harold, our director / camera guy, couldn’t even keep his hands off them. We were still in the middle of our interview with Maria as Harold chowed down on all the Mochi Balls.

WhenInManila eating Dezato Cafe Mochi Balls Dessert box

So yeah, When In Manila, be sure to check out this favorite dessert place of mine, Dezato Café, and have one of their awesome Mochi Ball Desserts. Try to go there before Harold eats them all up!

Dezato Cafe

Contact person: Maria Gorre
Address: 100 Hemady Street, New Manila, Quezon City
Phone Number: +632 727-1229, +632 387-9484
Email: mariagorre@gmail.com
Hours of Operation: Sunday to Saturday: 12:00 nn – 12:00 mn
Price Range: Php100 to Php500
Cuisine: International, Dessert, Coffee