What’s So Cool About NASA’s Newly Discovered System?

A few days ago the internet was ablaze with NASA’s latest discovery of seven Earth-sized worlds orbiting a dwarf star in the system. What makes these “exoplanets” so exciting?

1, They are only about 40 light years away which allows scientists to monitor them using a specialized telescope set to be launched next year.

2. Another reason for all this enthusiasm towards the new system is that six of the seven planets in the system they’ve named TRAPPIST-1 are considered ‘rocky’ which means it could have the habitable conditions of life that can be observed from an interstellar distances.

3. The planets with a similar size to Earth have atmospheres that could sustain life. On the other hand, the surface temperatures of such planets also allow the possibility for liquid water.

4. But also, the fact that it only takes 40 years, within a human life span, to reach TRAPPIST-1 as far as the laws of physics can go, that distance isn’t very far at all. NASA scientists now see it as a challenge to engineering.


Sources: https://www.forbes.com/sites/hilarybrueck/2017/02/26/nasa-just-discovered-seven-new-exoplanets-so-what/#70fc339d70fc




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What do you think NASA’s latest discovery will mean for the future of the human race?