What’s Grillin’: 10 New Meats You Can Try In This Eat All You Can Korean Restaurant!

Article by Glenniedel Terania

Photos by Jeanne Dizon & Eunick Nobe

Filipinos’ love for Korean BBQ cannot be denied. In fact, more restos are popping up almost everywhere. But if you’re a frequent K-BBQ eater, you’ll know that most restos offer the same packages: unli pork samgyupsal and beef bulgogi. With just these two options, it’s impossible not to feel “sawa” after a few plates. But did you know that there is a variety of other meats that you can grill K-BBQ style?

Here are 10 types of meat that you should grill on your next K-BBQ feast:

10. Spicy Pork Bulgogi

This is not your ordinary beef bulgogi strips because this thinly sliced pork marinated in spicy sauce has the perfect kick to up your K-BBQ game.

9. Hawaiian Bacon

Does pineapple go with pizza or not? We don’t know but we’re 100% sure that it goes well with bacon!

8. Daechang

If you’re feeling adventurous, you have to try daechang, or large ox intestine marinated with sweet teriyaki sauce. It’s chewy and flavorful!

7. Gobchang

If there’s large ox intestine, you should also not miss gobchang. This small ox intestine marinated with sweet teriyaki sauce is not your ordinary isaw.

6. Red Wine Samgyubsal

Whether you’re a certified #TitaOfManila or you just enjoy your red wine, you have to try the pork belly marinated in red wine.

5. Cajun Shrimp

Not much into red meat? Try grilling shrimps instead! These shrimps marinated in bold and zesty sauce is just as awesome as the red meats!

4. Calamari Steak

Enjoy grilling the calamari steak with green tea salt as it dances on the grill.

3. Cajun Chicken

If you’re more of a chicken person, try chicken marinated in bold and zesty sauce. This made us question why there are not much chicken options in K-BBQ restos.

2. Hangyusal

These thinly sliced pork cheeks are something new to the table. PRO TIP: Mix it with kimchi before grilling it for a uniquely Korean taste.

1. Premium Steak

If you’re feeling grand, the premium steak is not something to miss. Taste it and find out for yourself why it’s called premium.

Enjoy these and more at Gen Korean BBQ House. At Gen Korean BBQ, you can grill all you want from the 20 types of meat available during lunch and 30 types of meat during dinner!

It’s impossible to feel ‘sawa’ or ‘umay’ because of the wide variety of meats they have. You can also ask for radish paper in place of the usual leaves wrap to try KBBQ-ing the Gen way!

So the next time you crave for K-BBQ, you know where to go!

Gen Korean BBQ House

Facebook: www.facebook.com/GenKBBQPH/

Bldg. J, Unit 1-16, SM By the Bay, Seaside Blvd, Mall of Asia Complex

0917 621 8249

Weekends: 10AM – 2AM / Weekdays: 10AM – 12AM




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