What You Need to Know About Studying in Manila When You’re From the Province

Words by Clariz Mendoza
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Congratulations! You got in to your dream university. You’re now one step closer to your dream! College is an exciting chapter in every student’s life. College means more freedom, meeting new people, and possibly finding a new love life! 😉 It is a time to explore and go out of your comfort zone.

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Undeniably, students from the province have to take an extra mile to study in their dream schools in Manila. If you live in the province and have a dream of pursuing your studies in the capital but are still having second thoughts, this article was written for you! A lot of factors should be considered, especially that this could be the biggest decision of your life yet.

To help you choose between #Manila and #HomeTown, here are what students who took the leap have to say regarding your dilemma. Hopefully this can help you choose the path where you will be truly successful and happy!

Taking the leap


Reasons why young people choose to study in Manila vary. Some say that there are more opportunities available there. Some want the independence city-living can offer. While others have no choice because their dream course is only offered in Manila.  

Whatever your reason may be, it is important to check if it is aligned with your goals and dreams. Evaluate yourself: why do you really want to study in the city? If it is for your own growth and self-development, go for it! Nothing is more fulfilling than being on track with your goal! 

Living the Dream


You’re now in Manila. Jitters of excitement can’t be contained, but at the same time, there are butterflies in your stomach as you realize you’re really living it. As you go from one class to another, you might overthink things and wonder if you made the right decision. Fret not! It’s normal to feel anxious and scared on your first few days in Manila. But I guarantee that eventually, you’ll love it here! 

You’ll meet a lot of people with different personalities. Some may become your best friends, making your college years one of the best moments of your life. Others may become your enemies, making your life feel like a living hell. Either way, meeting these people will teach you how to interact and deal with other people. Don’t feel shy to spread your wings and try to connect with people. Make lasting memories that you can relinquish once you return to your home province.  

The city also offers some of the best schools not just in the country but in the world! The top four universities are located in Metro Manila. These schools did not just get their names for doing nothing. They produce quality students that are best in their fields. Studying in Manila will surely mold you into one of the best in your profession! 

Challenges in the Metro

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You will surely face a lot of challenges once you live in Manila. One of the most challenging things you will encounter will be how to manage your time. You will be doing everything here for yourself—cook food, do laundry, pay bills etc. And that will not stop your prof from giving you readings on top of five quizzes.

You will surely learn independence and time management!

Another problem that may arise is homesickness. Being away from family is hard, especially if this is your first time away from them. Thankfully, we have the power of technology. With just the touch of your fingertips on little screens, you can immediately hear the voices of your loved ones.

What now? 


In the end, it is you who will determine your future. So choose wisely!

What is your advice to college freshmen students? Share it with us in the comments below!