Here’s What You Missed at ESGS 2019

The Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit(ESGS)…with a title like that, there is no mistaking what to expect. This is a convention for games. Games of different types. Games of different genres. And there was a lot to go around.

From card games…

to miniature games…

to table-top role playing games,

there was a lot to indulge in from the moment you entered. Even to the most discriminating of gamers, there was something to see or do.

All you had to do was register to participate, and you were good to go. Every game to fit your lifestyle. It was a celebration of gaming at the next level.

Of course, the celebration wouldn’t be complete without video games.

If you’re the competitive type, you could also enter on-site tournaments. Some of the event competitions included a League of Legends and a Mobile Legends tournament. If you think you’re skilled enough to participate, you get the chance to test your mettle with some of the best players this side of the planet. There were video game competitions of every type that gave credence to the ‘electronic sports’ part of the convention.

If you’re not the competitive type, then you could still sample some of the video games made available for you at the convention grounds – and there were many for you to choose from. The event was packed with different people raring to engage in both newly created games, and old and reliable ones.

As I made my rounds of the convention, I discovered my personal gaming location of choice: the Predator League Booth.

After registering, the booth allowed you to play three timed games. The first one was a virtual reality fighting game that pitted you against aliens.

You were given a choice of a shield, an axe, or a pulse gun to fight off the invading monsters. It got challenging enough that if you got overwhelmed, you’d panic…until your life ran out.

Then there was the car simulation game. With the sensitive wheels and deep pedals, it was hard to control your movement at first, unless you were familiar with the controls. If not, you’d end up crashing into anything and everything… though this might be part of what the game intended to happen.

Finally, there was the first person survival horror game. You were tasked to enter a house and discover its secrets as much as you could until your time ran out. The setup was quite dizzying at first, but it was very immersive.

Of course, there were other games to immerse in, as well, and that was the beauty of the event. There was something for everyone. You would need to spend the entire day to try everything, and that might not even be enough for some. As such, savvy gamers lined up to the games of their choice to optimize the enjoyment of the event.

Whatever the case, ESGS 2019 was a celebration of gaming at the purest level. There will always be something new to discover, and/or something to be nostalgic about. ESGS allowed you to change form, and put your game face on.

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