What’s the Most Cringe-worthy Thing You Did For Your Crush? Here’s What People Have Told Us

We’ve all done something extra cringe-worthy when it came to courting, flirting with, or spending time with our crush. You’re probably trying to remember what yours is! Don’t worry, it’s all in the past. And, between you and me, your crush has probably forgotten all about it (and about you, maybe).

We asked a few people to share with us the most embarrassing thing they did for their crush that they could remember and here’s what they said.

*Some answers have been lightly edited


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13. You win some, you lose some… dignity

I wanted to slow dance with my crush during prom so I went to the DJ to request for Sway by Bic Runga, kaso bawal daw. Kailangan ipaalam dun sa teacher namin na parang masungit na head.

So I gave yung pinaburn ko na disc and inaya ko magsayaw yung crush ko.

Yun lang after nung song, pinatigil na yung slow dance kasi bawal daw. Sabay sabi sa mic nung teacher, “O ayan, napagbigyan ka na ah.”

12. This is why I don’t offer rides anymore

I offered to give my crush a ride back to our school in QC from an event we had with our organization in BGC, even though it was out of the way going home. Traffic was crazy and I spent the entire ride listening to him talk about himself.

It took me nearly three hours to get home. He ended up ghosting me a month later.

11. Lesson learned: mag-aral muna bago lumandi

It was my exam the next day but I left my studies and brought medicine and coconut water for her at midnight cause she got sick.

10. Teacher’s pet

Nag-iwan ako ng chocolates and flowers sa pigeonhole nya. Nagsulat din ako ng awkward love letter sa likod ng exam booklet.

P.S. prof ko sya hahahaha

9. Oppa, why?

He was Korean, like full Korean, and barely understood English so I took basic and intermediate Korean classes for the semester just for him. Then, after dropping period, he told me he didn’t like me that much and blocked me on Facebook. So my classmates and prof had to help me pass the classes haha

8. Plan, backfired

I agreed to be his “bridge” for one of my friends, tapos naging third wheel ako sa date. Ayon, nag-ccringe ako sa katangahan ko hahaha

7. Basta hindi malaman ni Mama

Nag-volunteer akong magdala ng kurtina sa school kasi masyado syang naaarawan sa upuan niya.

6. A for Effort

Gumawa ako ng webpage na panay picture niya at nilagyan ko ng sandamukal na endearment letters… Geocities at Yahoo Messenger times pa to…

5. Wattpad Stories

Noong high school, may crush akong basketball player na ginawan ko ng tula for Filipino class. Like yung mga pa-fake deep, “Teardrops On My Guitar” realness.

Tapos nagustuhan ng teacher ko. So pinublish sa school magazine namin. Eh may obvious hints na it was for him so everybody knew na. Oof.

4. Ouch!

On this girl’s birthday, I looked for her to treat her coffee in the morning. Then I got her a rose and a huge chocolate cake and left it on her desk with a note.

Later, she texted me: “Thanks for being such a thoughtful friend.”

3. I’ll go wherever you will go

Sinundan ko yung crush ko dati sa bahay nila kasi gusto ko magbigay ng letter pero ‘di ko na nagawa. It wasn’t in a stalker-ish way kasi classmates naman kami but gets.

Disclaimer: Grade 3 ako niyan.

2. *Gives self a high-five*

I got drunk at my work despidida and I asked her if she wanted to go out/hang out (not even sure which) sometime. When she left the party, I started telling all my friends “OMG I JUST ASKED HER OUT” in the club.

1. It’s the thought that counts

8 years ago, Yeng Constantino just released a music video for her song “Wag Na” where she made a care box for her best friend when she was going through a breakup. I did the same exact thing to my crush who was experiencing a major heartbreak from being rejected by her own crush.

I put a CD I burned with songs she liked, some candies, a pack of tissues, and a lot of other things to help her cope with her grief.

Looking back, I spent way too much time putting all of that together. She didn’t even appreciate it as much as I had expected her to. But I never once regretted making that effort to make someone smile.

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