What Made ‘Tagaytay Art Beat 2’ A Must-See Music Festival

What’s a better way to spend a Saturday night than to surround oneself with music, art, booze, and great company–all while chilling under a cool breeze?

We could have spent the night in Metro Manila. We could have gone to any bar that played live music. But on that particular weekend, we youngsters opted to go the extra mile.

Last February 4, 2017, the young and the young-at-heart spent the first week of #NationalArtsMonth in Museo Orlina, Tagaytay to experience one euphoric night. Museo Orlina was surrounded with art and music enthusiasts for the much-awaited Tagaytay Art Beat 2.

Tagaytay Art Beat 18Anna Marie Orlina

Tagaytay Art Beat 5

Art aficionados were given the chance to support their favorite local artists’ exhibits, mingle with the artists, and even write on a freedom wall. There were also artists who did live art in the walls of the museum. All-in-all, 18 artists (Airell Segovia, Allison Tan, Anna Marie Orlina, Dans Bermejo, Dee Jae Paeste, Erica Ng, Jess De Leon, John Paul Duray, Julia Tabor, Kara Pangilinan, Karen De La Fuente, Ku Romillo, Lee Caces, Miggy Antonio, Tyang Karyel, Valerie Harley, Vincent Quilop, and Tof Rellera) showcased their works that night.

Tagaytay Art Beat 6Sold out: Full house in Museo Orlina

Tagaytay Art Beat 9

The crowd was jumping on their feet throughout the night, thanks to Jam 88.3’s Jobim and Lambert. From beer games onstage to one random ‘bring me’ game, these guys truly know how to keep a party alive!

Now, for my personal favorite – the music.

Museo Orlina and Doc Def Productions spoiled the crowd with twenty-two acts: Apartel, Autotelic, Banna Harbera, Bullet Dumas, Conscious and the Goodness, crwn, Dante and Amigo, Fools and Foes, Farewell Fairweather, Jensen and the Flips, Mayonnaise, MOONWLK, MOTHERBASSS, NINNO, Reese Lansangan, Rob and the Hitmen, She’s Only Sixteen, Sud, Tandems ’91, TheSunManager, The Ransom Collective, and Tom’s Story.  That’s 15 hours of honest-to-goodness indie music!

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Tagaytay Art Beat 3Tandems ’91

Tagaytay Art Beat 10Fools and Foes

Tagaytay Art Beat 15Sud

Tagaytay Art Beat 1The Ransom Collective

Tagaytay Art Beat 12Apartel

Tagaytay Art Beat 14MOTHERBASSS

Tagaytay Art Beat 7MOTHERBASSS was obviously a crowd favorite!

Tagaytay Art Beat 11TheSunManager

Tagaytay Art Beat 16Jensen and the Flips

Tagaytay Art Beat 13Farewell Fair Weather

Tagaytay Art Beat 4Tandems ’91 x Reese Lansangan

Tagaytay Art Beat 8

Mr. Orlina went up the stage to express his thanks to everyone who came, and to assure them that Tagaytay Art Beat 3 is already on the works.

The local indie scene has consistently been accepted by the Filipino community. Seeing young people go all the way to Tagaytay to patronize local artists simply goes to show that we’re evolving as a nation and that we’re being more supportive of what’s ours.

I hope for Filipinos to have a continuing support for the local indie scene. So let’s see each other on the next festival – the Malasimbo Arts and Music Festival! For more details, check out 3 days of culture, arts, and music in one gathering here.

Check out www.facebook.com/tagaytayartbeat for more updates!

*Credits to Lui Almoite for taking some of the photos