What if The Avengers Movies were Made in the 90s?

To say that The Avengers is huge right now is quite an understatement.

And to be honest, we really wouldn’t change anything about the cast even if given a chance to. However, if you’re a 90’s kid, these fan artworks made by @houseofmat are sure to titillate your senses. The casting choices by the artist are practically impeccable. Check it out:

90s Avengers 1

Eddie Murphy as Falcon, Tom Cruise as Iron Man (YES, PLEASE!!!), and Brad Pitt as Thor

90s Avengers 3

Michael J. Fox as Spider-Man, Sharon Stone as Pepper Potts, Brendan Fraser as Star Lord, and Keanu Reeves as Dr. Strange

90s Avengers 2

Dolph Lundgren as Vision, Leonardo DiCaprio as Captain America, Johnny Depp as Hawkeye, Cuba Gooding, Jr. as War Machine, and Sandra Bullock as Wasp

90s Avengers 4David Duchovny as The Hulk, Denzel Washington as Black Panther, Alicia Silverstone as Scarlet Witch, and Ben Stiller as Antman

Pretty on point, don’t you think? Who would you have cast as The Avengers in the 90s if given the chance?