What Attracts Young Filipino Employees to a Company?

Happy Penbrothers employees Yen Tenorio

Happy Penbrothers employees Yen TenorioOut of all of the bosses I’ve had before, there’s only one that really stands out. He is also a millennial like me. His leadership style is exceptional. Occasionally, he asks for my suggestions and opinions regarding his orders. During those times, I felt like I was just doing some group work rather than actually working. Being able to contribute, even just in the form of ideas, is a big thing for me because I like I am helping the company directly.

As I have observed, millennials don’t have tiyaga or perseverance because they tend to tender resignation within two years at a company. I reckon that companies need to do something about their young workforce. In line with this, I took part in an in-depth study about what young Filipino employees look for in a company.

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According to a survey with over 18,000 respondents living in the Philippines who are active job-seekers or checking for jobs, here is what they are eyeing:


Gen Z (18-23 years old) gives importance to a signing bonus compared to Gen Y, also known as millennials (24-34 years old) who give importance to profit sharing. However, both young generations are attracted to a guaranteed 14-month pay and equity in the business.

Career Development

If you’re a millennial, self-development and mentoring programs are probably appealing to you. To Gen Zers, scholarship, overseas training, and employment opportunities are more alluring. Between the two, I would prefer the best of both worlds: mentoring programs and abroad training.

Work-life Balance

Both generations need flexible working hours. However, Gen Zers prefer having more business trips, while millennials prefer to cash out unused annual leaves or take unpaid leaves. Personally, I would opt to go on business trips since they offer learning through experience and seeing wonderful new people and environments.

What Attracts Young Filipino Employees 3

Paul Tuazon, Sales Manager of JobStreet.com presents the Laws of Attraction Survey

Job Security

Millennials want to have a permanent role like previous generations (Gen X and Baby Boomers) but Gen Zers prefer projects or part-time jobs. This is because online jobs are booming since high technology and different jobs can be taken at the same time as long as they can be delivered.

A Positive Culture

Having a positive working environment involves bosses and seniors encouraging newbies when doing a project or a specific task. Also, when you are new, you probably have a lot of fresh ideas that you’d like to share with your respective team/unit. It’s important to have a superior that is open to collaborations during meetings instead of someone who just barks orders on what to do. Young Filipinos’ ideal colleagues are also respectful and fun, according to the survey.

107coworkingspace 10As a new tool, Laws of Attraction can help companies determine what they can offer to young and talented employees. It also provides the specific needs of the respondents in a certain industry.