West LMTD: A Barbershop and Sneaker Laundry in One

How often do you see a barbershop that is ALSO a sneaker laundry? Probably never. Except if you’ve seen West LMTD.  The owners of the new barbershop-slash-sneaker laundry take pride in being the first barbershop to offer sneaker laundry services in the west (Greenhills, to be specific).

Now, if you are a sneakerhead, here are 5 reasons why you should check out West LMTD the next time you need a shave.

5. Their barbers will give you a nice cut.

As mentioned earlier, West LMTD is a two-in-one stop for sneakerheads who like keeping their hair on point. While they do two different things, they do both of them excellently. The folks over at West LMTD are proud to say that their barbers have years of experience. As such, you can be sure that your hair will only be handled by the best.

For a no-frills haircut, check out the Bro’s Basic (Php400). It comes with a haircut, a wash, and personal styling. I guarantee you’ll leave this barbershop feeling like a million bucks.

4. You won’t get bored while waiting for your turn.

Hate waiting for your turn while your favorite barber is tending to another customer? Don’t worry because they have a Pandora’s Box arcade machine inside the shop. It features dozens of games like Metal Slug and Gunbird. Top tip: challenge other sneakerheads to beat your high score!

3. They can make your old shoes look brand new.

Are you getting tired of your pair’s common black-and-white colorway? The folks over at West LMTD can spice them up! Just show them a picture of your peg and they’ll take care of the rest.

However, if you’re not ready to change your sneakers’ looks completely, you can opt for other services instead, like the sole swap (Php2500+), restitch (Php500+), or scuff removal (Php500+) among others.

2. They work quickly.

When you need a literal refresher from head to toe, you should get a Quickie (Php600). The quickie comprises of a haircut, styling, a wash, and basic cleaning for your sneakers. The best part? It only takes less than an hour for the cut and cleaning combined, making it perfect for when you’re in a hurry for date night.

1. They always have awesome promos.

If you think things couldn’t get any better, wait until you hear about their promos! Their daily Bro-mo offers Php200 off on services. During the weekends, you can get a basic shoe cleaning service by Solecare PH for free with every cut. You can also bring your whole squad (or your whole sneaker collection) with you because you can get four pairs of sneakers cleaned for the price of three. How cool is that?

If you’re looking for a sign to get a haircut or to get your sneakers cleaned, this is it. It can also be the perfect excuse to round up your sneakerhead homies for a night out. I’m sure they will thank you for introducing them to West LMTD.

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Missouri St. San Juan


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