Weekend Trip Made Perfect with Offbeat Pursuits

We all need to escape the hustle and bustle of busy metro living, and what better way than to enjoy sand, sea, and surf at one of the most accessible yet off-the-beaten path destinations in the Philippines? Offbeat Pursuits with their weekend Zambales Adventure guarantees loads of fun to have and friends to make!

 Weekend Trip Made Perfect with Offbeat Pursuits


A weekend trip with Offbeat Pursuits began with a meet-up at Katipunan; the land transfer to Zambales is part of the travel tour package. Several (laugh-filled) hours after setting off from Manila, the air distinctly clears, and the cool, salty breeze of Zambales overtakes you. Offbeat Pursuits kicked off the weekend trip with island-hopping, taking guests to small outlying islands which are hidden treasures in their own right! Some of these smaller islands are also beloved surf spots of locals.



 Overlooking the islands about to be visited.



 On one of the islands visited.






The day was spent swimming and snorkeling and generally enjoying the sunny Zambales weather. Boat transfers from island to island was care of Offbeat Pursuits; to support local communities, the company only use the services of the local boatmen. The first day was dedicated solely to island-hopping, and guests were afterwards brought to The Circle Hostel



 The Circle Hostel welcomes weekend trip visitors!



 Weekend trip made simple.



The hostel is a simple affair; mostly wood with an open-dorm/bunk design. A few dozen bunks are available, and each one comes with its own mosquito net and privacy curtains – great for a weekend trip. The bunks also go up to three layers high! Personal belongings are safely locked in a guest’s personal locker; just remember to bring a padlock.


The weekend trip Zambales adventure tour features a one-night stay at The Circle. Nights in Zambales are cool, breezy, and slightly humid but the relatively low temperature makes for a comfy stay. The Circle’s common area became a venue of relaxing reflection and a place to make new friends – something easy to do when on a weekend trip in Zambales with Offbeat Pursuits. The night was capped off with releasing sky lanterns into the clear Zambales night sky. The clean skyline lets one watch the lanterns go up really high, and for the more sentimental and/or spiritual weekenders, the very act of releasing the sky lanterns is liberating.



 Author about to release his sky lantern.



The second day of the weekend trip saw lots of skim-boarding, more swimming, and of course, surfing. Zambales is quite a popular surf spot, especially for newbies, because of its ‘friendly’ waves. The waves are neither terrifyingly high nor strong, making for a gentle and absolutely fun surf learning experience. The beach across The Circle Hostel is also significantly long; walks along the sandy beach takes a while to complete, giving one a great opportunity to just be one with nature. Guests are also given free reign to paint anywhere at The Circle – giving a little bit of themselves to the place.



 The Zambales weekend trip adventurers!



 Right before leaving for Manila.



The weekend trip neared its end with a quick shopping stopover at the Subic Freeport Zone. As part of the Zambales adventure package, dinner courtesy of Offbeat Pursuits was at Xtremely Xpresso, a popular dining spot in Subic. A quick meal later, and the weekend trip winds down, Manila-bound.



 Pretty much what the weekend trip was all about.



The Zambales adventure weekend trip by Offbeat Pursuits is perfectly suited for those who wish to ‘get away from it all’ for just one weekend. Sun, sea, surf, and so many friends to make, there is not a better way to spend a weekend than with Offbeat Pursuits and their Zambales weekend trip.



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Weekend Trip Made Perfect with Offbeat Pursuits


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