We Tried the New Dutch Mill ProYo and, GUYS, That Creamy Berry Yoghurt Drink Is SO GOOD

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I’m sure anyone who has ever tried Dutch Mill can agree with me on this — they make such YUMMY drinks. I, myself, have always loved their flavored yoghurt drinks, especially the strawberry one. You know, the ones in the brick tetra packs? They were so irresistibly good!

Well, Dutch Mill recently announced that they made that famous yoghurt drink even better — by transforming it into the new Dutch Mill ProYo! This upgraded drink features a new cool and trendy bottle packaging (we’ll leave the Tetra packs for the kids) and also a fresher, yummier taste. What makes Dutch Mill ProYo fresher from the previous drink is that this one was developed into a pasteurized format and now contains LIVE Lactobacillus, which makes it healthier than ever. They also promised creamy berry goodness with the choice between Strawberry and Blueberry flavors, which honestly both sound so good. So when I heard this, I just knew I had to try it for myself!

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And guys, here’s my report: DUTCH MILL PROYO DOES NOT DISAPPOINT. That creamy berry goodness is indeed so good! I love the creamy yoghurt taste, and the perfect balance of sourness from the yoghurt and the sweetness of the berry flavors. It also feels so silky in the mouth, and is so refreshing!

And here’s the best part — Dutch Mill ProYo is not just all about the delicious taste. Because it is low-fat and made up of the Triple Goodness of Fresh Milk, Fruit Juice, and Yoghurt with LIVE Lactobacillus, this drink can also help you stay fit and in shape. It is also packed with other nutrients like Vitamins B1 and B2 that help increase the body’s energy, and Calcium and Vitamin D, which help keep the bones and teeth strong. And of course, the LIVE Lactobacillus works in promoting good digestion and overall health. All these combined provide you the benefits for maintaining a healthy body and staying fit and in shape.

Dutch Mill ProYo is really all about embracing your own body. What Dutch Mill ProYo aims to do is support your journey to becoming fit and in shape, no matter what your body shape is or wherever in your journey you might be. And who else embodies this mantra of ~self love~ better than the President herself, Nadine Lustre? As the actress is someone who always promoted self-love and body inclusivity, I can’t think of anyone more perfect to collaborate with Dutch Mill ProYo for this. As both a Dutch Mill and a Nadine fan, I approve!

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Dutch Mill really never fails to come up with products that are so delicious and are loaded with benefits. Their newest product, Dutch Mill ProYo, is the healthier, better choice for your everyday drink — full of benefits and not to mention oozing with superior creamy berry goodness! Plus, now in its new trendy packaging, you can take your Dutch Mill ProYo on-the-go, so you can stay fit and in shape wherever you’re going.

Dutch Mill Proyo is available in two sizes: the bigger 400 ml which you can find in 7 Eleven stores around Luzon, and 100 ml bottles that are available in selected groceries in Metro Manila and Dutch Mill ProYo Experts in Metro Manila and selected provincial areas.

Have you tried Dutch Mill ProYo yet? Which flavor is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

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