We Heart Nail Art! A Visit to Nail.a.Holics Megamall


When in Manila and in need of rest and relaxation, you might want to try Nail-A-Holics and find yourself and your nails pampered like they’ve never been pampered before.


Summer is the time for flip-flops and sandals and what better way to go to the beach than with designed and painted nails! I decided to go for their nail art on both my hands and feet and their Marine Algae whitening foot spa to pamper my tired and aching. When you’re morena like me, having your feet go darker and darker by the day because of the harsh summer sun just won’t do, hence the need to find ways to lighten them just a tad bit (thank goodness for feet treatments like their whitening foot spa)! So before we hit the beach, i wanted to make sure my feet were ready to face the summer sun.


Nail.a.holics is located on the fifth floor, building B of Megamall


When we entered the Nail-A-Holics salon, we were greeted by Grace and she escorted us to our very comfy seats, they even handed out pillows, one for my back and another pillow for just sweet huggin’ or just to put above your lap for a more comfortable read (there are plenty of beauty magazines at your disposal, so don’t hesitate to  just ask). I also decided to get their nail art which was only 200php, I always imagined they’d cost more! Super! They then gave me an album of nail designs so I could choose which ones they could do on my nails and I really felt like a little girl in a candy store deciding which were the best candies to take home.  I finally decided on one design for both my hand and feet and was so excited for the final outcome.


One of the things that I absolutely loved about nail.a.holics. is the fact that they don’t take out your cuticles (by this time, the men are thinking “huh?” and “why am i reading this again?”) because here in the Philippines we’re so used to nail salons taking out the cuticles but ladies, they’re not good for your nails at all! Nail.a.holics claims to be the most hygienic nail salon & spa in the country. They even promote internationally accepted practices in safety and hygiene, and one of those practices is to just push cuticles and not remove them, unless the client specifically requests them to do so. The result? Healthy, untouched and beautiful cuticles and nails.



Here’s a post of how our nails look after our Nail-A-Holics nail spa pampering! Had he same design on my feet too!


And the Marine Algae whitening foot spa was just a delightful experience! It almost put me to sleep! They first dipped my feet in nice, warm water and then they scrubbed my tired, calloused feet (I blame my high-heeled shoes! They look so beautiful, I can’t help it!!) and then exfoliated the lower part of my legs and feet with sea salt…and as if that weren’t enough, they then applied a mineral rich algae mud to whiten and moisturize my feet and after that, a really good foot massage.  Like I said, just delightful!


So When in Manila and need some good lovin’  for your hands and feet, just look for a nail.a.holics salon near you! Here’s a link for their list of stores near you, https://www.nailaholics.com/store_locator.htm

SM Megamall

5th Level Building B

Telephone No: (02) 914-0816


We Heart Nail Art! A Visit to Nail-A-Holics Salon Megamall


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