We asked people what new things they would try in 2019 and their answers will motivate you

The start of the new year is the best time to be brave. You can finally put your regrets and mistakes behind you, and look forward to all that’s coming. I think we all have a tendency to be dire and defeatist for most of the year, so we deserve to be unabashedly optimistic for at least the first few weeks of each new year.

Part of that is being unapologetically excited for life. It means having goals and dreams for the 365 days that are stretching ahead of you. Seeing people bursting to the brim with ideas and plans is honestly so refreshing. So, we decided to ask the WIM Squad on Facebook about what new thing they were going to do this year!

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14. “Well for 2019, as generic as this sounds, I just really wanna step out of my comfort zone. As an introvert, that means socializing.”

13. “Ballet!!! I know I’m too old for this but c’mon guys it’s 2019.”


12. “Definitely to try and get a decent sleep schedule going.”


11. “Spoken word poetry!”


10. “Wear a Spider-Man suit to a full day of classes.”


9. “Make it to the finals series of a national competition.”

8. “See my friends more often. I’m a homebody and always end up canceling plans (even when I’m not busy).”

7. “Wear more red lipstick!”


6. “Reading books are at the top of the list. I figured I’d do something different with my free time aside from gaming and binge-watching YouTube videos.”

5. “Get out of my house more and try things like a firing rage, or going to museums and on road trips.” 


4. “I’m going to try out hiking. I already have a trail in mind: Mt Daguldol.”


3. “Getting into the Dean’s List. I never really had good study habits in high school and I was always used to slacking off but getting satisfactory results, so I want to try raising the bar for myself this year.”


2. “Up my fashion game. I wanna be able to learn how to match stuff and be more creative and try risks. Definitely get a new hairstyle and try to get rid of my eye bags!”


1. “Take it slow in a relationship. I think I should be more cautious of the people I let into my life. I usually am very lenient towards other people, but it’s time for me to prioritize my own preferences — self-love if you will.”


*Responses with no names are from those who chose to be anonymous.

What about you? Share your plans for 2019 with us in the comments!