We asked people if it’s a bad idea to fall for your rebound–here’s what they said

The dating world is complicated and scary. This is undeniable. I don’t think there’s anyone out there who operates it with ease. If there are–where are you and can you teach the rest of us??

Especially post-heartbreak. That’s when things are unbearable. Even the thought of spending time with another person makes your skin crawl. Well, that’s how it felt for me. So after being told “just find a rebound and be done with it,” I felt a little odd. Doesn’t that word have certain connotations attached to it? Just some temporary thing that’s supposed to solve some of the lingering feelings in an indirect way?

At least, that’s how it was always portrayed. A rebound was just something people looked for to get their heads out of their previous relationship. It was very rarely shown as anything serious or permanent.

So it got me thinking–is it a bad idea to fall for your rebound?

Well, I asked around–here are some answers.


7. Things change

Not a bad thing as dynamics change. – Carlo F.

6. Communicate!

It doesn’t have to be. Even things that start off in the weirdest ways can develop into something real and something deep. Sometimes, relationships that start off with odd circumstances even end up being the best ones yet. Besides, with any relationship, communication is always key, so as long as both parties are happy and communicating properly, who cares how it started? – Gica Pollisco

5. It doesn’t matter

No. When you fall in love with them and decide to put in all the effort, i don’t think it should matter if they were your rebound before.
I fell in love with my rebound once, and we’ve been dating for almost 3.5 years since. ? Best and healthiest relationship I’ve been in so far! – Reese Hernandez


4. Moving zones

No. Because by then, he/she won’t be in the rebound zone. – Anonymous

3. Defense! Defense!

Not! Have to defend this relationship jk – Anonymous

2. Simple and to the point

A big fat no! Spread the love! If they become more than a rebound, let it happen. Let yourself heal and let them love you. – Anonymous

1. Break the stigma

i don’t think it’s a bad thing! you can change your intentions for all the right reasons just as simply as you can change a grab pin. i think “rebound” is just a stigma. you can nurture a perfectly healthy, giving, and thoughtful relationship even when it’s born out of something that doesn’t seem ideal through other perspectives. granted, people should never invest in other people for the sake of void-filling or loneliness. but when you realise your “rebound” becomes something more of a partner or complement, then why not? 🙂 – Zoe Alcazaren

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