We Are So in Love With These Mini Drink-Inspired Earrings

We know that most of us, if not all, have an intense love of food. There are many ways for foodies to show off their enthusiasm for all things food. Well, now it’s time to shine the spotlight on our favorite drinks. If you’re someone who gets excited by all kinds of beverages, you’re going to love these cute earrings we found on Shopee.

There are a variety of mini drink-inspired earrings you can get! Here are some of our favorites:

milktea earrings

Photo from Shopee

These cute milk tea earrings are perfect for anyone who’s addicted to milk tea! You can get them in different “flavors” including wintermelon and taro!

Buy these milk tea earrings here!

fruitjuice earrings

Photo from Shopee

Love fruit juices? You’re going to adore these cute fruit juice-inspired earrings! They feature a variety of mixed “fruits” inside.

Buy these fruit juice earrings here!

starbucks earrings

Photo from Shopee

Obsessed with Starbucks? Show that love with these cute Starbucks earrings! The design is inspired by the classic hot coffee cup of the iconic cafe.

Buy these Starbucks earrings here!

coke earrings

Photo from Shopee

If you’re someone who loves soda, you’ll enjoy wearing these Coca-Cola earrings. It features the classic glass bottles of Coke!

Buy these Coca-Cola earrings here!

vodka earrings

Photo from Shopee

Love hard drinks? These vodka earrings are definitely for you. We love how it makes such a powerful drink look so cute!

Buy these vodka-inspired earrings here!

soju earrings

Photo from Shopee

If you’re more of a fan of Kdrama drinks, these soju earrings are your best bet. Now, you can show your love for your fave Kdrama by wearing these iconic earrings, too!

Buy these soju-inspired earrings here!

water earrings

Photo from Shopee

Of course, who can forget the most important drink? You can also get these cute water-inspired earrings! You can choose between a small bottle of water or the water dispenser-inspired earrings.

Buy these water-inspired earrings here!

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