WATCH: Videographer Captured Beirut Explosion While Filming a Bride on Wedding Day

In a terrifying coincidence, a videographer was able to capture the moment the Beirut explosion happened just as they were filming a bride on her wedding day.

In a video taken by Mahmoud Nakib, the shot can be seen closing in on the bride in her beautiful white dress. But as the camera pans down to show her bridal train and bouquet, a huge explosion can be heard erupting in the background. The impact is seen on camera, as the bride’s train flies and dust and smoke fills the street.

Watch the video here, posted by news site, ABC 7:

According to ABC 7, the bride, Dr. Israa Seblani, shared: “One thing came into my mind. That now my life has changed from wedding, happiness, into a sad moment. Now I’m going to die.” Thankfully, the bride and the video team are unharmed.

The devastating explosion happened in Beirut, Lebanon in the evening of August 4th, with over 2,700 tons of ammonium nitrate stored in a factory as the suspected cause. Over a hundred people are confirmed dead, while more than 5,000 are injured. Many are also still missing.

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