WATCH: Video Shows How Instagram Photos Really Look Like

Food flatlays, travel photos and last night’s shenanigans.

You’ve probably seen all these as you browsed your Instagram feed this morning.

Well, we all know how much hard work it takes to capture the perfect Instagram-worthy photos and we’re all guilty of this. Thus, let’s all watch this funny and relatable video by Smetana TV.

The video shows how Instagram photos really look like in real-life situations. An example shown is posting a picture of yourself in the beach with the hashtags alone, beach and silence, yet the truth is, you’re in a very crowded spot with no signs of silence at all. Another one is posting a picture of you in your clean, cozy and comfy bed; while the rest of your room, which is not seen in the picture, is really a mess.

No worries, we’ve all been there and done that. So, no judgment!

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