WATCH: Travis Atreo Performs New Single “Excited” in LA

When in Manila, we’re always on the lookout for new talents to watch out for. In case you haven’t met him yet, we’re happy to introduce you to Travis Atreo!

Born in the Philippines and raised in Seattle, Travis Atreo grew up around music. At 14, Travis started playing music at his church and his passion to perform manifested into a dream to be the singer and recording artist he is today.

Travis Atreo

In 2007, Travis Atreo was part of a rock group called New Heights, where he learned the ropes of performing and captivating an audience. After New Heights disbanded in 2013, Travis Atreo moved to Los Angeles and has been based there ever since. Covering hit singles by internationally renowned artists including The Weeknd, Ed Sheeran and Ariana Grande, Travis Atreo gained massive attention when Taylor Swift raved about his rendition of her track “Style” on Twitter.

Travis Atreo Taylor Swift

In his spare time, Travis continues to inspire others with his music. His work with non-profit organisation Kollaboration saw him supporting Asian-Americans within entertainment to break stereotypes in mainstream media. Travis describes his music as “dark, moody and sexy pop with R&B influences” in which he plays the guitar, piano, bass drums and clarinet. Now with 17 million views on YouTube and 10 million streams on Spotify, Travis has decided to write his own music and release his debut EP later this year.

Watch Travis perform his debut single, “Excited” for Soi Music TV. His performance is part of a series of Soi Music TV’s Asian-American special in conjunction with Asian Pacific American Heritage month in the USA that took place in May.

Soi Music TV is a pan-Asian music discovery platform, founded with a vision to bridge music communities in the East and the West, based on three main ideas:

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  3. A brand new way of music and artist discovery.
Soi Music TV is a brainchild of Studio Rarekind (SRK), which is a creative production studio founded in London with an established presence in Bangkok and Singapore. SRK does creative production on emerging subcultures – including art, music, sport and current sociocultural issues.

Sounds like a good idea, right? Congratulations on your new single, Travis!

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Travis Atreo