WATCH: The Trailer of ‘Anastasia the Musical’ Gives Us Major Childhood Feels

Back when Disney princesses were all the rage, Twentieth Century Fox came out with an animated movie that easily rivalled even the best Disney movies back then: Anastasia. In fact, Anastasia was so good, the Rodriguez kids begged my dad to take us to Paris to fully experience and enjoy some of the sights seen in the movie. (We lived in Germany at the time, so it wasn’t too intense of a request.) I even learned how to speak French because of it! True story.

While Anastasia isn’t being made into a live-action movie the way some Disney movies are currently being reimagined, Twentieth Century Fox is sending Anastasia over to Broadway next year just in time for the movie’s 20th anniversary. Check out the teaser trailer here:


Ugh. That song in itself is currently giving me major childhood feels and I now want to save up and head over to Broadway to catch this in time for my birthday in April! Who else is dreaming of catching Anastasia on stage?

Amex pre-sale tickets are now available to purchase, while single tickets go on sale on October 7, 2016.