WATCH: This Peacock Spiders Christmas Video Will Give You Holiday Vibes

Still can’t get enough of the Christmas spirit?

Well, this video of peacock spiders performing to the tune of “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” created by Peacock Spider Man will definitely give you holiday vibes.

Fret not, these are not the jumpy-scary spiders you know. I swear they are so cute you’ll wish you have one!

Watch the adorable cuties below.

(Video courtesy of Snake Buddies)

Well, what better way to wish a merry Christmas than peacock spiders wrapping up presents, playing the xylophone and cymbals, putting up a snowman, decorating a Christmas tree, dancing under the lights and dressing up as Santa, right?

Hope all of you are having a happy holidays!

Do you also think these peacock spiders are cute?


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