WATCH: This Make Up Tutorial on a Tricycle Will Make You LOL

These days, people are always on the go and we girls must find ways to make sure our time is optimized while still looking good. But, how exactly do we do that? How does one ensure the optimum make up look without spending too much time for prep?

Easy, cut down make up time by preparing on the go – as this girl teaches us.

In one of the most amusing make up tutorials I’ve seen, this girl does her whole make up routine while en route somewhere and on a tricycle! Talk about cutting prep time in half!

tryk make up tutorial

Source: Range Advertising

“Pak Na Pak Sa Trayk”
Not your ordinary makeup tutorial.

Starring Anne Rhycie Kate Custodio, edited by Niña Palmares Palaguayan

Audio credits to:
“Touch” by Little Mix

Plus points at the end for calling out her catcallers! What do you think about this? I found this super amusing!