WATCH: This Live-Action AoT Finale Is Made by Filipinos

The last episode of Attack on Titan’s final season was a cliffhanger. There are A LOT of unanswered questions that are yet to unfold. With the announcement that the last chapter will be released in March 2021, we are definitely not loving the extremely long wait.

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In tribute to the makers of one of the best anime of all time, this group of young Filipino filmmakers and animators created a live-action teaser of the AoT finale based on the manga! Their team is called “Hwago,” and they amazingly brought Eren Jaeger to life with awesome visual effects as the hero transforms into the Founding Titan.

Watch Eren Jaeger’s live-action transformation in the video below:

According to Hwago, shooting this only took a day but the editing required four straight days. They said, “that’s what it takes just to make a simple idea come to life.” Their effort and apparently, sunburn, were totally worth it though because the video quickly went viral with nothing but praises in the comments!

Here are the cast and crew members of the live-action Attack on Titan teaser:

  • Eren Jaeger: Jens Patrick P. Manalo
  • Marleyan General: Phil Edlan V. Dimailig
  • Production Director/Editor: Hermerson M. Hernandez
  • Assistant Director/DOP: Phil Edlan V. Dimailig
  • Production Assistants: Karlvin Gamaliel T. Amador and Patrick Joshua G. Casiding

Curious about how they did it? Watch this BTS where they break down each frame and VFX they added in the short film:

We are definitely excited to see the team grow to its full potential! You may check out more of their works on their Facebook Page (@HwagoVision), Instagram account (@hwago_digital), and YouTube channel (Hwago on YouTube).

What do you think about this Attack on Titan live-action teaser? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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